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StartMeeting® offers unlimited audio and video conferencing services for the enterprise space. Because we are a carrier and a conferencing network we are able to disrupt the market with truly transformative pricing. We offer an industry-leading $12.95/month/host pricing package for the small to medium-sized business space, and we also have a truly revolutionary $6,000/month package for large enterprise clients. The $6,000/month package allows enterprises of any size to have an unlimited number of hosts all for a flat monthly rate. With both the per host and unlimited hosts pricing, you’ll get an easy-to-use collaboration tool that will provide you and your teams unlimited HD quality audio & video conferencing and screen sharing.

Every account also includes:
• HD Audio & Video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants
• Screen sharing and drawing
• Meeting recording and playback
• 10 gigs of storage
• Custom hold music and greetings
• Custom meeting wall
• In-country dial-in numbers for 65 countries… and counting

With StartMeeting® you are gaining access to one of the largest companies in conferencing. Since 2001 our network has carried more than two billion conference calls around the world, making us the world’s 2nd largest conferencing network. This size and scale are what lets us offer the pricing that we do and also what has helped us build such a streamlined, enterprise-grade application.

For more information, visit www.startmeeting.com or call (844) 800-4000.