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SAP SuccessFactors innovates everyday to help your people and your organization perform at their best. By connecting your people to your organization's purpose, we help transform the employee experience.

The Challenge

HR and IT departments face an ongoing communication challenge: HR Information Systems (HRIS) like SuccessFactors need to share data from employee profiles so that IT can create new user accounts, provision them for access to applications, and deactivate employees when they leave the company. As more and more enterprise activity moves to the cloud, and as companies grow in size and complexity, HR and IT need a better, more efficient, and less risky system for managing the employee lifecycle.

  • Process inefficiency: Sending data via email, attachments, or file extracts is time-consuming and error prone
  • Security weaknesses: Completely deprovisioning users takes two days, on average, putting enterprise data at risk
  • Unproductive employees: Inefficiency leaves employees waiting for apps and updated permissions

The Solution

Okta’s pre-built integration with SuccessFactors brings HR and IT systems together, letting user data and profile updates in SuccessFactors inform the user lifecycle across IT systems. Connecting HR and IT systems, including apps and Active Directory, takes the time, friction, and risk out of managing employee data and permissions.


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