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Sumo Logic is the pioneer of continuous intelligence (CI) software. Organizations of all sizes can use CI to address the data challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformations, modern applications, and cloud computing. The Sumo Logic CI Platform automates the collection, ingestion, and analysis of your application, infrastructure, security, and IoT data to derive actionable insights within seconds. More than 2,000 customers around the world rely on Sumo Logic to securely build and manage their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. Sumo Logic delivers the CI Platform using multi-tenant SaaS architecture, across multiple use-case scenarios, enabling businesses to thrive in the new intelligence economy.

Sumo Logic's integration with Okta provides visibility and access control across your IT environment, so you can gather and analyze data from across your entire infrastructure.

The Challenge

  • Cloud and digital transformation initiatives bring significant advantages, but introduce new security challenges
  • There is more data to protect, in more locations–including cloud, mobile, and on-prem–than ever before
  • Organizations need end-to-end visibility into security threats and security controls across the entire IT environment, from applications and data all the way to the end users themselves

The Solution

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The Okta + Sumo Logic integration pairs the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise with a cloud-native, realtime data analytics solution to provide visibility and access control across your IT environment

Okta Hybrid IT

The integration lets you gather and analyze data from across your infrastructure: from firewalls and VPNs, from cloud-based apps including Okta authentication activities, and from other software and hardware

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Easy-to-understand, pre-built dashboards present this data to security operations in real time, to help you spot anomalous activity and identify threats quickly

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Security teams can automate response actions against these threats, like disabling suspicious users or forcing multi-factor authentication, to protect the enterprise

Enhance security through identity and analytics

Okta’s identity solution provides a wealth of information about user activities, such as what resources are being accessed and when, from what devices and locations, and other authentication activities. Sumo Logic collects this user-centric security data, along with other security-related data in your environment, enabling increased visibility into suspicious users or endpoints, as well as security controls to protect the enterprise.

Equip your teams with a clear security picture

Visual dashboards present this aggregated data clearly and concisely, using machine learning to spot inconsistencies and issue alerts, allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot any security issues as they arise. Additionally, Okta data feeding into Sumo Logic enables long-term log retention and forensic analysis.

Okta UserActivity

Enable quick response that protects your infrastructure

Correlating Okta authentication services with Sumo Logic analysis allows you to immediately flag suspicious users and take instantaneous action, including limiting or revoking their access, letting your security teams maintain control of the network.

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Okta + Sumo Logic give you greater visibility and security at the same time

  • Deliver identity-driven security by combining Okta’s world-class identity security and Sumo Logic’s machine learning-powered data security
  • Maintain clear visibility into login and user behavior across your entire network infrastructure–in the cloud and on-prem
  • Use insights and alerts to detect and remediate suspicious behavior from the outside and inside
  • Upgrade your security posture with insights and actions to keep your enterprise ahead of new and developing threats


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  • Datasheet:

    Safeguard Your Security Ecosystem with Okta and Sumo Logic

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Okta Verified
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