Last updated: Oct 20, 2020

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Cloud transformation can be slowed by the ongoing threat of data breaches: Keeping enterprises safe has traditionally meant imposing odious security measures that can slow the pace of innovation and hurt workforce productivity. To combat these threats while supporting transformation, organizations need to do everything in their power to reduce the attack surface and prevent breaches due to weak passwords, stolen hardware, and other threats. Tecnics + Okta work together to give enterprises an extra layer of multifactor authentication, providing security for laptops and desktops that could potentially be compromised, and to provide self-service password recovery that’s secure and straightforward. The joint solution helps keep organizations more secure at every level without negatively impacting worker productivity.

The Challenge

  • In the absence of multifactor authentication (MFA), lost or stolen laptops can expose organizations to the possibility of data breach
  • Senior managers with access to sensitive company data are at heightened risk of credential theft, including keyloggers and device theft
  • Help desks can be inundated with requests to reset user passwords, making password recovery an ongoing time- and resource-intensive task for IT
  • End users lose time and productivity waiting for passwords to be reset, impacting morale and hurting the company’s bottom line

The Solution

Tecnics + Okta work together to provide Desktop/Laptop MFA and secure Self-Service Password Reset to the workforce, reducing companies’ attack surface area

Tecnics TecMFA extends Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and policy framework to desktops and laptops running Windows

Tecnics TecSSPR uses Okta’s strong identity controls to power an intuitive process for users to securely reset their passwords without having to engage IT

Securely extend strong MFA protection to Windows desktops and laptops

TecMFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) extends Okta’s MFA protection to Windows desktops and laptops. During the login process on a device running Windows, users are authenticated with MFA factors configured in Okta, including something they know (e.g., their password) and something they have (e.g., a Yubikey or HyperSecu device, or an instance of Okta Verify on a registered mobile device). Once authenticated, users get Single Sign-On (SSO) access to  the apps and information they need. Okta + Tecnics work together to add an extra layer of security for workstations and laptops, supporting MFA in both online and offline modes. The integration gives Windows users a secure, frictionless experience, while adding a layer of strong security for the organization that mitigates the effects of device theft or misuse as well as common credential theft methods like keyloggers and tools capable of harvesting plain text passwords. 

Enable password self-service reset, freeing up IT for more strategic tasks

TecSSPR (Self-Service Password Reset), allows desktop and laptop users to reset their own passwords, right from the of Windows or MacOS login screen, after completing a second factor authentication configured in Okta. Instead of reaching out the help desk and waiting for a response, users can recover or reset their password themselves. Supporting Okta Verify, Yubikey, and other factors configured in Okta for recovery, the solution provides a quick and frictionless user experience, savies IT time and effort, and keeps the enterprise secure. With Okta + Tecnics TecSSPR working together, users can quickly get back to work and IT staffers are freed up to focus on more strategic tasks.

Enhance security and user productivity with Tecnics + Okta

  • Strengthen security by extending policy-driven MFA protection to your workforce’s desktops and laptops
  • Reduce the number of help desk calls by adding secure self-service password recovery, freeing IT department from manually servicing password resets
  • Give your workforce smooth and seamless experiences that safely permit self-service that gets them quickly to the resources they need, keeping them productive

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