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Testable is an innovative distributed load testing and synthetic monitoring platform. Define a test with a variety of open-source tools and let Testable handle the scale, reporting, and analytics. Supports JMeter, Gatling, Locust, Node.js (including HTTP, websockets, Socket.io, and Engine.io), Webdriver.io, Selenium Java, Serenity BDD, PhantomJS, SlimerJS, record-and-replay, and HAR files.

Load can be generated on our globally distributed AWS infrastructure, on premises using Docker, or by Testable automatically spinning up isolated on demand EC2 instances for each test using our AWS account or yours. Simulate as many virtual users as you can from the test runners without having to pay more. 1 m4.large can often generate 1000+ virtual users depending on the tool.

Real-time results include percentiles, success analytics, and trend analysis for every single metric. Want to know how many concurrent users your environment can handle? Define your performance requirements and let Testable automatically figure it out. Track how that number changes across test runs like any other metric. Define your own KPIs and get alerted when a test fails to meet them.

Results can be shared and customized to provide different views for different stakeholders. We also integrate with leading monitoring tools like NewRelic and CI solutions to seamlessly integrate load testing and monitoring into your software development lifecycle.