Last updated: Sep 20, 2021

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TraitWare combines Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Single Sign-On (SSO) for True Zero Trust Access to all your enterprise applications. TraitWare can instantly move your entire Okta environment to passwordless MFA. TraitWare builds on Okta’s robust access management solutions by quickly and seamlessly integrating the rapid deployment of Real Passwordless MFA and True Zero Trust Access to your existing Okta user community. Legacy login using a username and password has proved time consuming and difficult for both users and administrators. As bad actor sophistication has grown, so have the requirements for password complexity and multiple factors of authentication. TraitWare was created to ease password frustration while enhancing security with up to five factors of authentication.


  • Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication to all of your Okta environments.
  • Leverages device biometrics for seamless authentication.
  • Highly secure True Zero-Trust access.
  • Easily deployed via SAML or OIDC.
  • Supports Just-In-Time and SCIM deployment
  • Fast user enrollment (under two minutes).
  • Patented user enrollment process with MFA is inherent on account creation
  • Geolocation-based policy.
  • Up to 5 separate factors on login.


Increased User Experience

  • No passwords to remember (or forget).
  • No one time passwords (OTP).
  • No text messages or authenticator apps.
  • Intuitive and streamlined login experience.

Reduced support tickets

  • Password resets are eliminated for accounts protected by TraitWare.
  • Account lockouts are reduced due to incorrect entry of credentials or One Time Passwords (OTP).

Improved Security & Governance

  • IT teams can implement Zero-Trust Access to applications without imposing additional workload on their workforce.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication is native to TraitWare - there is no additional step to create and pair the user to the MFA.
  • User on-boarding is fast, flexible and intuitive.

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