Last updated: Sep 06, 2022

Integration detail

tru.ID SIM-based verification


tru.ID is a SIM-based possession factor. tru.ID enables businesses of all sizes to create passwordless, phishing-resistant login journeys by adding SIM-based verification. All users in your Okta directory who use Okta for single sign-on, can be verified by tru.ID in real-time to prove possession of a mobile digital identity. You can use tru.ID on its own to deploy passwordless login policies, or prove mobile possession in your existing login flow.


  • Passwordless verification using a user’s mobile number and SIM card
  • Phishing-resistant authentication flow
  • Trusted device binding with SIM-verified mobile numbers
  • Real-time verification directly with mobile networks
  • Deterministic verification, not risk-based
  • SIM swap detection
  • Option to integrate one of our SDKs with your app
  • Works with eSIMs and dual SIMs
  • Global coverage in 20+ countries covering 2bn+ mobile subscriber accounts
  • GDPR, SCA and RBI-compliant, with local jurisdiction hosting and no PII stored


Stronger account security

  • No more SMS OTP
  • No more passwords or forgotten passwords
  • Zero Trust access management for everyone with a mobile device
  • Phishing-resistant account login for continuous security

Simpler security user experience

  • There are no passwords to create or remember
  • Mobile numbers are a familiar digital identity
  • No user action required — verification happens silently in the background
  • Turn every mobile device into a hardware possession token — no need for key fobs or dongles

Reduced security costs

  • Fraud and data breaches thwarted with phishing-resistant login
  • Account takeovers prevented
  • Enable seamless password resets (where you still have password-based access)
  • Support for hardware tokens no longer necessary

Improved security governance

  • Universal user adoption of MFA by using mobile phones that are widespread and often primary devices
  • Easy for users to comply with security practices, avoids human error
  • Easy for IT security teams to implement and support

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