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Viima is the best way to collect and develop ideas. What's more, it's free for up to 50 users and can be taken into use within minutes!

Viima is designed to make idea management transparent, super easy and effortless for everyone involved. Viima also supports all kinds of different idea management and innovation processes, even at the same time. While you might need a heavy duty stage-gate innovation process for new product development, other teams can still use Viima with a very lightweight process for their own purposes.

Viima is used by all kinds of companies across industries, ranging in size from small teams of just a few people all the way to large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees.

Viima supports an unlimited number of ideation boards that you can use for different purposes, both within your company and with external stakeholders. Each board can have their own processes, settings and access rights. User management is also very easy with built-in Single Sign On for all the most common services like Office365, Google for Business and Microsoft AD.

Some highlights from our features:
- Highly visual and engaging user experience
- Supports any kind of idea management/innovation process
- Unlimited number of ideation boards, each with their own processes and access rights
- Ideation campaigns and competitions within the company or with external stakeholders
- Evaluating ideas based on freely adjustable metrics with support for multiple evaluations in the different parts of the process
- Color coded and easily adjustable categories for ideas
- Hashtags for grouping ideas into themes across categories
- Mentioning users makes it easy to let the right person know about ideas or comments affecting them
- Mobile version makes it easy to add ideas, upload images or reply to comments while on the go
- Automated notifications for interesting actions
- Leaderboards that reward users based on their activities add a touch of gamification
- Highly responsive support team and a dedicated account manager helping you with your business needs