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WebTranslateIt.com is a SaaS localization tool combining translation management and software translation in an online platform.
With the aim of helping software companies to manage their localization process, WebTranslateIt.com allows users to host their language files online and allows a team of translators to work on these files online.
Working online ensures that only the newest content is translated, and that every team member is on the same page.

What sets us apart from our competitors?
- Setting up translation projects will only take a few minutes before translators can actually start translating.
- WebTranslateIt.com's open API will allow users to easily sync their language files.
- The user-friendly translation interface gives translators all the tools they need to efficiently translate the content of an app or website.
- WebTranslateIt.com's technical support is tailor-made to every user's needs.
- New features and improvements are added to existing ones on a monthly basis