Network Security

Extend your network perimeter to the cloud

The challenge

The explosion of cloud apps has disrupted the traditional network perimeter security model.

The network is no longer the center of control as users are increasingly accessing resources outside the walls of the network.

Organizations require a unified, seamless solution that secures access to both their on-premises networks and cloud environments.

The solution

In an environment where the nature of security threats is constantly evolving, Okta allows you to leverage your existing investment in security, extend it to the cloud, and future-proof it. Deep integration between your on-premises and cloud security ensures policies are managed and applied consistently across your entire environment. When you combine Okta with network security solutions, you get a unified security infrastructure that’s policy-based, easy to use for end users and administrators alike, and reliable.

When you combine Okta and network security solutions, you create a security ecosystem that protects your sensitive data, applications, and users...wherever they are.

Network Security Diagram