Okta + Auth0

One team, two powerful platforms

Okta and Auth0 are now one team. With combined developer and enterprise expertise, Okta and Auth0 will shape the future of identity on the internet.

Better together

Better together

Together, Auth0 and Okta address a broader set of digital identity solutions, helping us both achieve our shared vision of a world where everyone can safely use any technology, providing secure access for everyone.

Okta’s and Auth0’s areas of expertise complement each other well, and we are both committed to shaping the future of identity on the internet and our place as a primary cloud. Together we will provide enhanced depth and breadth of identity solutions. 

The flexibility our customers need

Every customer will have more flexibility in finding the solutions that best address their unique identity use cases, no matter the audience or user.

Two histories, one developer focus

Okta has long been known for innovation in cloud-based identity, enterprise-grade reliability, world-class security and dependability, and a laser-like focus on customer success for organizations of all sizes. Auth0 was built by developers for developers. Application builders around the world are loyal to Auth0 for its extensibility, ease of use, scope of documentation, and out-of-the-box experience. 

Solutions for any use case

Both of our platforms solve many use cases, and the combination creates trusted customer-facing solutions across the identity spectrum, giving customers a broad set of options for whatever problems they are trying to solve.

A strong international focus

Both Okta and Auth0 have a strong international presence and will remain dedicated to fueling growth with customer expansion and international teams. Customer experience in every region will continue to be a top priority, and both companies will invest in supporting global markets. 

Serving the builders of tomorrow

Both Okta and Auth0 see developers as the heart of innovation and the builders of tomorrow. Together we will be even better suited to integrate quickly into the modern tool belt of today's developers. We will continue to ship new products and invest in content, documentation, and SDKs that create a superb developer experience.

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