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About the program

Okta Ventures is a $50 million investment fund that will focus on accelerating innovation throughout the identity ecosystem. Okta is investing in cutting edge technologies focusing on identity, security, and privacy.

Please review and confirm that the nominated company meets all of our investment criteria:
  • Identity-Driven: Companies must be focused on modern identity, and be well positioned to address identity, privacy or security use cases
  • Long-term Partner: Candidates must be eager to collaborate and partner with Okta to solve identity challenges for organizations around the world
  • Okta Integration Network Contributor: Companies must have the potential to deliver unique value to the Okta's deep network of pre-built integrations
  • Market Fit: Product must solve a specific problem for customers, and companies will be required to showcase demand and market fit
  • Raising Funding: Companies must be raising an early stage round with a lead investor

For more info, visit the Okta Ventures page.

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