Okta Ventures

We invest and support companies creating cutting edge technologies enabled by identity, security, and privacy

Benefits of partnering with Okta

Leverage unique access to Okta’s extensive APIs, technologies, and engineering expertise

Increase brand awareness with co-marketing opportunities through the Okta Integration Network

Join a mutually-supportive ecosystem driving innovation in the identity space

Okta customers in your pipeline and/or a path for Go-To-Market with Okta

Okta Ventures enables startups to accelerate GTM with Okta's 15,000+ customers and with the broader Okta team's expertise

Opportunity to improve customer experience with an Okta technical integration

Okta has 8,000+ technology integrations creating a compelling platform 

Portfolio Companies

Founder’s Perspective

Portfolio founders talk about Okta Ventures approach

Okta Ventures brings a tailored approach to each engagement with its portfolio operators. Watch the testimonials below to hear from them directly about their experiences

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openpath logo

"In the last quarter alone, Okta has generated 15 net new leads for Productiv"

Andrew Krutz
Head of Partnerships at Productiv

"Okta shares our belief that integrations and partnerships are essential to building trust across the technology ecosystem and we're excited to have their support and expertise as we build the next generation of secure identity solutions"

Matthew Gregory
Founder, Ockam

"The Okta Ventures team has been helping us tie our cyber-security and physical security strategies together "

James Segil
President and Co-founder at Openpath

Perspectives from Okta and Auth0

Okta’s sales field supports portfolio companies

Watch below to understand how Okta’s and Auth0’s team works side by side with portfolio companies.

"Our success as an identity provider has a lot to do with our ability to interoperate and integrate with vendors in the ecosystem. When you have a strategic partnership with differentiated solutions where the partners can jointly go-to-market together-it allows us to deliver joint value prop to customers"

Stephen Lee
VP, Technical Strategy and Partnerships

"For a developer-first company, it's important to have an easy GTM. When you integrate with Auth0, you have the Auth0 marketplace and you have developer tools that enable development teams to quickly build experiences into their app"

Nathan Chan
Senior Solutions Engineer, Auth0

"Working with Okta Ventures allows us to see what investments we are making and how they can help our customers"

Marcos Serna
Senior Account Executive Sales, Okta

Shared customer perspectives

Okta and portfolio companies showcase value with shared customers

​​Okta Ventures supports portfolio companies in shared accounts. Watch testimonials from customers speak about how they leverage Okta’s product and our portfolio’s product to drive value for their businesses

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"We feel confident in partnering with Okta and Immuta because they're the industry leaders of single sing-on solutions, and data governance"

Ryan Naughton
Founder/CTO at the Center for New Data

"Okta and Kandji are raising the bar for identity management and MDM"

Erick Tewari
IT Systems Engineer at Allbirds

"We integrate with Okta, and then pair that visibility up with Drata. This has been key to our business to show that we've gone through SOC2 compliance"

Vidal Gonzalez 

Consumers expect transparency and control. Modern businesses require a unified consumer identity to build customer trust. In the age of privacy, our mission with Okta Ventures is to continue to meet expectations where they matter most. DataGrail has thrived through a collaborative partnership and a shared vision.

Daniel Barber

CEO, Datagrail

Since the very earliest days of Ockam, we’ve consistently coalesced a community that shares our vision of a seamless connected world, with trust at the center. Okta shares our belief that integrations and partnerships are essential to building trust across the technology ecosystem and we’re excited to have their support and expertise as we build the next generation of secure identity solutions.

Matthew Gregory

CEO and Founder, Ockam

Frequently asked questions

Why does Okta Ventures have a fund?

Okta seeks to support the broader ecosystem of identity, privacy, and user centric security startups. Okta Ventures' mission is to extend the Okta platform to help people and companies securely connect to any technology.

What support does Okta provide in addition to capital?
  • Leverage unique access to Okta’s extensive APIs, technologies, and engineering expertise.
  • Increase brand awareness with co-marketing opportunities through the Okta Integration Network.
  • Join a mutually-supportive ecosystem driving innovation in the identity space.
  • Participate in specialized bootcamps on product development, engineering, and sales.
Does Okta lead investment rounds?

No, we exclusively co-invest alongside other lead investors.

What stages does Okta invest in?

Okta Ventures invests across all stages of startup lifecycle.

Does Okta participate in follow-on rounds?

Okta has reserves for follow-on investments.

What is Okta’s typical check size?

Typical early stage investments are <$1,000,000. Later stage investment check sizes are dependent on round structure.

Does Okta invest in companies based outside the US?


What is Okta’s investment criteria?

We look for companies with the following features:

  • Identity-Driven - Companies must be focused on modern identity, and be well positioned to address identity, privacy or security use cases.
  • Long-term Partner - Candidates must be eager to collaborate and partner with Okta to solve identity challenges for organizations around the world.
  • Okta Integration Network Contributor - Companies must have the potential to deliver unique value to Okta's deep network of pre-built integrations.
  • Market Fit - Product must solve a specific problem for customers, and companies will be required to showcase demand and market fit.
  • Raising Funding - Companies must be raising an early stage round with a lead investor confirmed.
What is Okta’s investment process?

We have a standard diligence process that is tailored to the stage/maturity of the company in review. We are also sensitive to founder's need for a fast and efficient diligence process and aim to make decisions as fast as possible.

Does Okta take board seats?

Okta does not currently have plans to take board seats.

What industries does Okta invest in?

We are interested in companies that touch upon identity, privacy, and user-centric security.

Does Okta invest pre-product?


How can I submit my startup for review?

See submission form on this website.

How many investments do you anticipate to make?

We target approximately 10 startup investments per year.

Are Okta portfolio companies hiring?

Yes, feel free to click through the companies’ career pages to learn more.

What is Okta Ventures stance on investing in diverse teams and founders?

Okta Ventures reviews all relevant investment proposals (see application form on this page). Okta Ventures encourages underrepresented founders to submit information on their business and encourages its portfolio companies to hire diverse teams.

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