Identity and Access Management for Healthcare

Enhance your security and digital health initiatives with a HIPAA-compliant identity cloud

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Dignity Health improves patient experience, enhances trust with Okta

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Okta eases Envision Healthcare’s IT challenges


athenahealth protects patient data and enhances user experience with Okta

How Okta helps the healthcare industry

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Increase in employee productivity




increase in MFA adoption in 2 weeks, leading to increased security


Dignity Health


of Dignity hospitals found improved physician-to-patient communication with Okta-powered patient portal


How identity can help modernize your IT

To enable your digital health strategies, you’re looking to modern technology to reduce cost and increase agility. Implementing modern identity and access management allows you to connect all of your users to any technology, across clinical, research, business, and virtual health applications, no matter where it lives—in the cloud or on-prem. 


Not only will you get the best user experience and stronger security with modern identity, but you will also save costs by reducing manual provisioning.


Streamline the M&A process

When you’re growing through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), combining applications and IT processes doesn’t have to be hard.


Okta accelerates M&A and helps to avoid the friction and cost of consolidating Active Directory (AD) domains, so you can seamlessly transition any number of organizations to a common set of tools quickly, without interruption for day-one access.


Implement Zero Trust security

Did you know the average cost of a data breach in healthcare exceeds $9m annually? Since healthcare leads all other industries in the highest cost of breaches for the 11th year in a row, keeping patient and provider data secure is non-negotiable. 


And when remote access is the new normal, you need to design your system so staff, providers, and partners can collaborate and provide care from anywhere, across legacy, on-prem, and cloud apps, regardless of their location, device, or network.


With a neutral, extensible identity cloud at the center of your Zero Trust strategy, you have flexibility in design. You choose which partners you integrate with, across endpoint protection, network segmentation, MDM, and SIEM, to name a few. 


Create better digital patient and customer experiences

The healthcare experience today is fractured and inconvenient for patients. Whether you’re thinking about rolling out the digital front door for patients, protecting your member portal, or engaging with new healthcare consumers, investing in your user experience can help you both attract new consumers and empower your existing patients to get involved in their own health journeys.


Easily meet your compliance requirements

Okta is HIPAA-compliant and can help you meet SMART on FHIR patient access interoperability requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act and provider Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) workflows.


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