Better Together: Okta’s Leading Identity Solution Joins ‘Recommended for Google Apps for Work’; Okta Announces Support for Android for Work

Las Vegas, NV — November 3, 2015 — Oktane15 — Okta, the foundation for secure connections between people and technology, today announces its inclusion in Google’s ‘Recommended for Google Apps for Work’ program. Google recognized Okta for its ability to securely connect people and technology, and for its commitment to building a comprehensive identity and mobility management solution for enterprises that use Google Apps. Google Apps is one the top five application suites sanctioned and deployed by IT leaders, and Gmail is the number-one email app among small business customers as of August 2015. Google’s ‘Recommended for Google Apps for Work’ initiative gives joint customers additional confidence that Okta and Google are working together to ensure the best experience possible when using the two products together.

“Google Apps customers often ask us for suggestions of trustworthy productivity tools and applications. They want secure, reliable products with a great user experience that also integrate well with Google Apps,” said Rahul Sood, managing director, Google Apps for Work. “Okta’s identity management solution integrates with Google Cloud Directory and offers advanced controls needed by our large customers with complex application environments.”

Okta Supports Android for Work

As part of Okta’s commitment to securely connect people to every app, device and service, Okta Mobility Management now enables companies to confidently deploy and manage all Android device models. Okta empowers IT to provision an encrypted, dedicated profile to manage Android devices, separating and securing business applications and data while keeping personal information private. In addition, Okta manages corporate applications, data and VPN policies for heightened security.

“Every person at work should have a secure, consistent mobile experience when accessing devices, apps and services. And IT leaders shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to deliver that experience. Okta is pleased to support Android for Work to deliver on our mission of securely connecting people to technology, wherever they go and whatever device they want to use,” says Eric Berg, chief product officer at Okta.