Companies Turn to Okta as Foundation for Digital Initiatives; Okta Adds Social Authentication to Secure Consumer Experiences

Rotary International, HomeServe, Fieldpoint Private Securities and Consumers Energy Choose Okta Platform to Secure Consumer Digital Platforms

Las Vegas, NV — November 3, 2015 — Oktane15 — At Oktane15, Okta’s third annual customer conference, CEO and co-founder Todd McKinnon today announced that organizations including Rotary International, HomeServe USA, Fieldpoint Private Securities and Consumers Energy turn to Okta to provide the identity infrastructure for their digital initiatives. McKinnon also announced improvements to the Okta Platform, including integrated social authentication and support for OpenID Connect, that enable enterprise developers to launch applications faster.

“In today’s connected economy, every company is reinventing itself and engaging customers and partners with technology to stay competitive, grow revenue and increase organizational efficiency. At the same time, securing access to applications, services and devices has never been harder,” said Todd McKinnon, Okta’s CEO and co-founder. “Organizations are choosing the Okta Platform as the foundational infrastructure for every digital initiative in the enterprise. Managing every identity centrally in the cloud boosts security, enables seamless user experiences and helps companies deliver new applications to customers faster.”

Social Security: Okta Adds Social Authentication, Support for OAuth and OpenID Connect

The Okta Platform now makes it simple and secure for developers to register, authenticate and manage users from social identity providers like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, as well as offer support for OpenID Connect. Okta’s social authentication capabilities secure customer access to web and mobile applications, enhance the customer experience and boost engagement rates. Unlike point solutions centered around social authentication, Okta provides a complete identity layer for companies’ digital programs that is designed for security, reliability and integration across front- and backend services.

Rotary International Uses Okta Platform to Power My Rotary Portal for 1.2 Million Members Worldwide

Rotary International is a global service organization founded in 1905 and made up of more than 34,000 clubs and 1.2 million members across 220 countries. Two years ago, the organization began work on a three-year plan to replace older technology with more modern alternatives in order to simplify its IT systems, as well as to enhance the member experience on the web and via mobile devices and foster collaboration across clubs. CIO Peter Markos selected the Okta Platform as the authentication layer for its My Rotary member portal to enable members to better share information, crowdsource solutions and develop them to meet local needs. Okta’s identity service streamlines the member experience, traveling with members wherever they go while also enforcing strong security protections.

“Okta helps us to lower barriers to adoption by making it easy for everyday Rotary members to get right to the good stuff and use applications developed throughout the Rotary world. There's no need to jump through hurdles, like manually inputting club-specific data or setting up accounts in these tools and apps,” said Peter Markos, CIO of Rotary International. “By getting right to the value, our members and clubs are able to do more for their local communities and communities around the world. Integrating Okta into our central system gives us the flexibility to accommodate our expanding global customer base, while also accelerating our business by fostering collaboration, saving costs and further securing our IT environment.”

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