Okta and Box Partner to Support Contextual Access Management with Box for EMM

Okta Mobility Management Provides Secure and Seamless Access to Box from Every Endpoint, Brings Centralized Control Over Employee Access

San Francisco, CA — March 17, 2016 — Okta, the leading provider of identity and mobility management for the cloud and mobile enterprise, today announced a new layer to its partnership with Box to support contextual access management and secure employee access and data from every endpoint. Okta now offers seamless and simple access to Box on any device and removes passwords from the equation, all while keeping personal and company data separate. The integration provides IT leaders with centralized control over employee access to Box, empowering a productive and secure workforce.

With Okta and Box for EMM, IT organizations are able to securely enable mobile access to Box, set policies that define how and when users can access enterprise resources, and enforce enrollment in mobility management. Okta uses integrated identity and mobility management to protect enterprise data and simplify the end user experience through automated mobile app Single Sign-On (SSO) and unified provisioning across all endpoints. The integration also gives users a seamless, consistent experience across every device, ensuring employees have access to all their files, regardless of where they are accessing Box.

“When people are able to act on a constant, uninterrupted stream of context-relevant information, and organizations are able keep that information safe, they can do amazing things,” said Todd McKinnon, CEO, Okta. “Our partnership with Box is a powerful one because we uniquely help companies achieve both productivity and security. Okta’s contextual access management ensures that only secure devices can access Box, without the end user ever being aware of the added security layer. It’s critical that we put the right data, in the right hands, at the right time, and our partnership with Box ensures we do just that.”

“Businesses operate in a reality where employees will access data whenever and wherever they're best suited to get work done,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO, Box. “By working with partners like Okta, we’re helping enterprises adopt security tools that protect their business without compromising ease of use.”

According to Okta’s Businesses at Work report, Box is one of the top three most popular applications utilized by Okta customer organizations. With Okta and Box, customers will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

Benefits to users:

  • Access to enterprise-approved Box mobile application in two taps from the Okta Mobile App Store, eliminating the need to type in a username and password each time;
  • Ability to utilize BYOD devices to access enterprise data securely;
  • Keeping personal and enterprise data separate on a single device.

Benefits to IT organizations:

  • Allow enterprises to restrict Box usage to company-approved mobile devices secured by Okta Mobility Management, ensuring devices are in compliance with security policies set by Okta before allowing access;
  • Automatically configure the Box mobile app for end users, and enable easy access through Okta’s native mobile app SSO;
  • Provision and manage access to Box from all endpoints with a single policy;
  • Drive adoption of both Box and Okta Mobility Management.

"Our employees are constantly accessing Box for essential content and information, often while away from an office on construction sites,” said Erica Christiansen, Database Administrator, Crossland Construction Company, Inc. “On an employee’s first day — or at anytime — we can now use Okta to provision Box across every device that employee wants to use. All of our employees, no matter where they are, can easily and securely access the information they need to work, without running into unnecessary roadblocks.”

The Okta and Box for EMM integration is available in preview, and will be in production on Wednesday March 23, 2016. For more information, visit: okta.com/box/emm