Okta Announces Developer Edition to Secure Next Generation of Enterprise Applications

Adobe Selects Okta to Power Creative Cloud for Enterprise

San Francisco, CA - November 11, 2014Okta today announced a new edition of its identity platform that will enable software developers everywhere to build more secure cloud applications and accelerate adoption of those services within enterprises. Okta Developer Edition is a fully productized version of the company’s APIs, which gives software developers a proven, rapid way to build Okta’s identity components, including secure authentication, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and Active Directory integration, directly into their web or mobile applications.

As evidence of Okta’s ability to scale and address the complex requirements that cloud software providers have, the company also announced that Adobe Systems is using Okta’s platform to secure federated enterprise access for Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise.

The announcements represent a critical milestone for Okta, making it the only cloud-based identity platform that comprehensively addresses identity management scenarios for employees, partners and customers, while also serving as an identity layer built directly into applications. The company spent its first five years building its identity platform to give IT leaders a centralized way to manage and securely connect people to their on-premises, cloud and mobile applications. Okta opened up its platform last year, expanding the reach of its APIs and developing SDKs for different languages. The company has since worked with numerous customers and their software development teams, including Adobe Systems, Advent Software, Informatica, Rotary International and ServiceSource, to build custom solutions that leverage Okta’s identity platform.

Adobe to Leverage Okta for Enterprise Cloud Offerings

Adobe selected Okta to deliver a comprehensive authentication layer across Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise. The connected solution federates identity information between Adobe and its enterprise customers, enabling users to access any combination of creative cloud applications using their existing credentials.

“Adobe Creative Cloud has experienced extraordinary growth over the last year and in-line with this growth we are continuously improving the software for our enterprise customers,” said Gerri Martin-Flickinger, senior vice president and CIO of Adobe. “Okta is addressing an important component of Adobe’s Creative Cloud strategy – making it easier for enterprise teams to get access to our latest innovation for desktop computers and mobile devices. By implementing Okta’s federated identity solutions, Adobe is freeing up resources to invest in the kind of creative magic our customers expect.”

One Size Fits All with Okta Developer Edition

Building on its experience working with its joint development partners, Okta’s Developer Edition puts the same powerful identity services into the hands of any application developer. With Developer Edition, any developer can get started with Okta’s identity platform for free in just a few minutes. Whether one developer is at a startup, working in internal IT at a mid-size company, or part of a 50-person development team at an ISV, Okta will secure every developer’s application and provide the authentication services to get the product to market safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

The Okta identity platform handles the comprehensive set of enterprise identity requirements and its APIs are fully supported with SDKs, sample applications and a dedicated developer community, all of which are available at developer.okta.com.

“Today, the barriers to application innovation are lower than they’ve ever been. With the cloud and mobility, just about every industry is being re-invented by software and, to some extent, every company – regardless of their core business – is becoming a software company,” said Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta. “With Developer Edition, Okta plays a critical role in accelerating this shift by removing another critical barrier to innovation. We’re addressing identity management – traditionally a very complex and time-consuming part of application development – so that our customers can focus on rapidly building and marketing secure products that can be easily adopted.”