Okta Introduces Self Service Capability, Enabling IT Organizations Everywhere to Extend the Power of the Okta Application Network To Their End Users

New Functionality Gives IT a Customized Enterprise App Catalog, Provides End Users with Instant Single Sign-On to More Than 1,200 Web Applications

San Francisco, CA, December 15, 2011 — Today, Okta, the leading on-demand identity and access management service, announced the availability of powerful new Self Service capability to the Okta Application Network. This release marks the unprecedented ability for enterprise IT organizations to easily publish a custom app catalog to their organization and for end users to seamlessly discover and get single sign-on to the cloud apps they rely on to get their work done.

Employees, accustomed to popular consumer and enterprise app stores, have come to expect easy access to the apps they need and want. With instant access to more than 1,200 cloud and web apps via Okta, employees can easily find the consumer and business apps that they need to use on a daily basis and self-configure to achieve single sign-on across all of their apps from their Okta homepage. It makes it easier for employees to get up and running with the cloud apps that matter for their job and accelerates the secure adoption of cloud apps throughout the organization.

The customizable Self Service catalog also enables IT organizations to expose all or just some of the 1,200+ cloud and web apps that are pre-integrated with Okta to support single sign-on, user provisioning and deprovisioning. By extending this app catalog to their users, IT gets a bird’s-eye view of application usage throughout the business. With this visibility, they can identify popular cloud apps and work with the appropriate app vendors to ensure the company is getting the best value from their cloud apps.

Employees can easily discover and install the apps they need, from any device, which fundamentally improves productivity. With employees now able to search apps and request access on their own, IT is able to get out in front of the business and focus on leading, not impeding, cloud adoption. And with Okta Self Service, IT can enhance the secure adoption of cloud by leveraging the deeply pre-integrated apps that Okta provides.

Comments on the News:

“Okta’s new Self Service capability is a big leap forward for both enterprise IT and the end users they serve. Employees are using more cloud apps than ever before, and they’ve grown accustomed to finding these apps through online catalogs,” said Todd McKinnon, CEO, Okta. “Okta now brings that capability to business users, in conjunction with their IT departments, making it easier than ever for employees to find and install the apps they require but may not have known existed — all without ceding IT’s need to ensure the secure adoption of cloud throughout the organization.”

“As the number of cloud apps in our organization continues to increase, our employees have demanded fewer barriers to using the apps they want and need,” said Ben Doyle, Director of IT Applications, Enterasys Networks. “Okta’s Self Service capability has enabled our employees to easily incorporate both personal and business apps into their Okta homepage resulting in increased Okta adoption, greater user satisfaction and thus, greater value to our business.”