Okta Launches New Native Identity Integration with Amazon Web Services to Improve Security, Simplify User Experience, and Expand Automation Capabilities for Large, Complex Organizations

New capability greatly enhances single sign-on and provisioning from the Okta Identity Cloud to AWS

SAN FRANCISCO — May 28, 2020 — Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, today announced a new native integration with Amazon Web Services Single Sign-On (AWS SSO), providing Okta customers with improved security, user experience, and provisioning capabilities. Available immediately through the Okta Integration Network, the new capability enables Okta customers to provision identities to AWS SSO for authorization management, delivering automatic synchronization of user identities and groups to eliminate considerable complexity.

Okta’s most recent Businesses @ Work report revealed that the AWS Management Console is in the top 3 most popular applications within the Okta Integration Network. For large organizations, the synchronization between their identity provider and their IaaS platform has become increasingly complex, with provisioning and authorization requirements that span both platforms. By delivering new functionality and capabilities that take advantage of AWS SSO and Okta Identity Cloud features, customers of the leading independent identity platform are able to securely accomplish more on the leading IaaS platform. Expanding the integration power of the Okta Identity Cloud to more deeply manage access and streamline provisioning within AWS has become even more important in light of diverse working environments, where efficient and secure access is required across an expanding ecosystem of users, groups, and endpoints.

“Okta and Amazon Web Services have both been strong beneficiaries and leaders in the move to the cloud, enabling organizations to build and access expansive digital technology ecosystems,” said Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer, Okta. “Pushing our integration further and more tightly aligning our platforms provides tremendous value for our customers. It enables them to solve complex access scenarios to some of their most valuable data and resources on AWS’s platform through a single identity and access approach while still providing flexibility.”

“We regularly talk with AWS customers who also use Okta as their identity provider. While some have already configured Okta to enable single sign-on access to their AWS accounts, the administration could become complex as the number of AWS accounts to their organization grew,” said Jim Scharf, Vice President of AWS Identity, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We’ve worked closely with Okta on this release to give our mutual customers a solution that is easy to setup and manage centrally, uses open identity standards, and provides users single-click access to all their assigned AWS accounts and resources.”

Evolving How Identity and IaaS Work Together

The native integration to AWS SSO makes Identity Management on AWS significantly easier for Okta and AWS customers, including large, complex organizations. Enterprises can now automatically synchronize users and groups between Okta and AWS and manage corresponding authentication and authorization policies through each platform, respectively. Using Okta Lifecycle Management, IT teams can seamlessly facilitate access to AWS accounts and services while product and development teams can cohesively define specific roles for AWS accounts. This ultimately reduces complexity for the Okta administrator without limiting visibility for security and IT teams.

In addition to creating synchronized management of access and authorization for AWS users, the native integration also opens the door for greater usability. For organizations that want to add programmatic access, Okta and AWS are enabling developers to use the native AWS Command Line Interface to seamlessly sign-in via their Okta credentials and be presented with a step-up challenge through Okta Multi-Factor Authentication, all without reliance on third party plug-ins. By leveraging the command line interface, developers can drive increased productivity without sacrificing the enhanced security and control mechanisms required by IT and security teams.

“iRobot is driven to build the technology that empowers people to do more, and to deliver on that promise, we must enable our teams to be agile and productive,” said Dennis McDermitt, Director of Enterprise Security, iRobot. “Okta is an integral part of how we connect our employees to the technology they need to be successful, including AWS. The ability to seamlessly synchronize identities and authorizations across these two integral technology platforms will not only drive efficiency, but increased security and usability for our teams.”


Okta customers can add the new AWS native integration from the Okta Integration Network in-app catalog. For more information, please visit: https://www.okta.com/partners/aws/