Okta Online Free Trial Sets the Standard for Ease-of-Use and Time to Value for IT Management Solutions

On Demand Identity and Access Service enables IT to Import, Configure and Deploy Hundreds of Users and Apps, in Minutes at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions

SAN FRANCISCO — May 24, 2011 — Okta, the leading on-demand identity and access management service, today announced the availability of a self-service online Free Trial that allows IT administrators to quickly and easily deploy an enterprise class identity management solution in just minutes. Additionally, Okta is announcing two new editions of their identity management service today: Single Sign-On Edition, priced at $5 per user, per month, and Standard Edition, priced at $10 per user, per month. This unprecedented ease of use and affordable pricing introduces a new standard for enterprise class identity management solutions.

“Our IT department and end users are in complete agreement – Okta has streamlined our IT operations while simultaneously allowing our whole team seamless access to a ton of essential and helpful applications,” said Hernan Alvarez, Senior Director of IT Operations, WhitePages.

Okta’s Online Free Trial allows IT administrators to get started immediately and takes just a few minutes to set up, and start using. Admins can easily add as many users and apps as they need, simply by checking the appropriate boxes, and they instantly have powerful, secure, enterprise class identity management in place—all at an incredibly low cost. On average, Okta deployments cost 80% less and take 87% less time to set up and manage, compared to legacy on premise software.

By deploying Okta, IT groups of all sizes can streamline budgets and operations while offering a high-quality and easy-to-use service to end-users. Additionally Okta’s affordable price point facilitates the adoption of reliable and secure enterprise class identity management by organizations that previously could not have afforded it.

“Okta makes application administration a breeze,” said Ben Doyle, Director of IT, Enterasys. “By using our existing AD data stores, we integrate and unify all employee data and permissions, which flows up through Okta and out to the cloud. It hardly takes any IT time at all — it’s an automated process.”

With the launch of the Online Free Trial, which provides instant access for 30 days to Okta’s full Standard Edition identity management service, Okta is also introducing a number of product enhancements, including:

Getting Started Guide and library of how-to videos that provide step-by-step guidance for using the Okta service;

Significant usability enhancements, including an admin dashboard and additional workflows to accelerate user and application import and deployment; and

New reporting capabilities that provide more insight into application usage, ROI and compliance.

“Salesforce and others have proven that the cloud can deliver value to businesses easier, faster and cheaper than on-premise solutions,” said Todd McKinnon, CEO, Okta. “The first wave of SaaS was targeted at functions such as finance, sales, HR, and marketing. With Okta, we’re now bringing that same ease of use and ROI to Enterprise IT. New solutions are required to manage and secure a Cloud First IT infrastructure. Our online free trial and new product editions are great examples of how Okta is delivering a robust, enterprise class identity management service with an ease of use and low price point that traditional on premise vendors simply cannot match.”