Okta Unveils Industry’s First Integrated Identity Management and Mobility Management Solution

Okta Mobility Management Extends Leading Identity Platform to Uniquely Address Device and Application Security for Cloud and Mobile-First Enterprise

San Francisco, CA - November 11, 2014Oktane14Okta today unveiled Okta Mobility Management, formally marking the company’s entrance into the $4 billion market for enterprise mobility management. An extension of Okta’s category-defining identity platform, the addition of Okta Mobility Management results in the industry’s first integrated identity management and mobility management solution, and delivers on the company vision to connect any combination of people, applications, devices and organizations.

“The rapid shift to loosely coupled devices and use of native applications instead of the browser introduces a new set of security and management challenges for IT,” said Eric Berg, chief product officer of Okta. “With Okta Mobility Management, we’re combining the core of Enterprise Mobility Management with our cloud-based identity platform to automate end-to-end scenarios in a way that was never possible. This functionality, combined with our per-user pricing and support for unlimited devices, results in a powerful combination that delivers greater value than any standalone solution in either market.”

Integrated Identity & Mobility Management: More Efficient, Secure and Productive

Okta Mobility Management provides a single access management layer across the enterprise cloud to keep users productive in any context – and gives IT control end-to-end, from the directory to the browser to the mobile device. As an example, many of Okta’s customers use Okta to automate application provisioning through its integration with HR systems like Workday. When an employee joins the company and their Okta account is created, all of their applications are automatically provisioned based on profile data collected in the HR system. Okta Mobility Management builds on this scenario by now also provisioning or de-provisioning native mobile apps to any managed devices, without disruption to personal applications or data. And if the employee is terminated, Okta Mobility Management also automates the deprovisioning process and selectively removes managed apps and data from devices or executes a complete factory reset.

Like Okta’s cloud-based identity platform, Okta Mobility Management is also delivered entirely as a service, eliminating the need for on-premises components, complex integrations, or software maintenance fees. Priced on a per user/per month basis with support for unlimited devices, the solution increases IT efficiency, improves mobile security and enables greater user productivity than any standalone solution for identity or mobility management available in the market.

  1. Increase IT Efficiency: Okta Mobility Management enables IT departments to centrally provision, de-provision and enforce policies around enterprise applications on any employee’s device, without disruption to their personal applications or data. This includes the ability to automatically update passwords for native apps on iOS and Android devices. As a component of Okta’s integrated identity and mobility management solution, Okta Mobility Management also offers IT departments a single, centralized system of record to manage, audit and automate specific scenarios for mobile IT management.
  2. Improve Mobile Security: Okta Mobility Management protects corporate data on mobile devices by enforcing device passcode policies, controlling data sharing between applications, selectively removing managed apps and data from devices, or remotely executing complete factory resets of devices. Should an employee leave the company, corporate data and applications are wiped from the device, leaving all personal data untouched. In addition, through Okta Mobility Management, Okta now has the intelligence about the device in the same system where access policy and control decisions are enforced example, so if the device is jailbroken, doesn’t have the right version of software installed on it or is just unknown, IT can block access.
  3. Increase User Productivity: Okta Mobility Management enables seamless, secure user access to applications on any type of mobile device. To get started, users enroll their device and Okta Mobility Management automatically configures and installs the appropriate catalog of applications. All native and/or web versions of those applications are available in the Okta Mobile application, and accessible via single sign-on with a single click. And when users reset their password, Okta Mobility Management automatically updates the password in the mobile client on the device, preventing lockouts, as well as reducing the number of help desk calls and user frustration.

Okta Mobility Management Proven and In Production

Okta Mobility Management is already in production with multiple Okta customers, including leading food production and distribution company Del Monte Foods, collaboration technology startup LoopUp and cloud communications company Twilio.

“Okta is at the center of our cloud and mobile strategy. With Okta Mobility Management, we are able to extend the benefits of Okta to the native experience on mobile devices,” said Timothy Weaver, CIO of Del Monte Foods. “With one place to manage access and apply policy, we can onboard employees faster, streamline our IT workflows and enable employees to work securely on the go with productivity tools like Office365 and Box. This kind of agility ultimately means we can move faster.”

Okta Mobility Management is available for iOS and Android today and expected for Windows and Blackberry in Q3 2015. For more information, please visit: https://www.okta.com/product/mobility-management.

Okta will also host a webinar for Okta Mobility Management on Friday, November 14th, at 11am PST. To register, please visit: http://www2.okta.com/mobile-identity-management.

Okta Partners with Leading ISVs to Enable the Mobile-First Enterprise

Okta today also made available Okta Mobile Connect to extend the benefits of Okta to native mobile applications. Improving on Okta Mobile, the company’s mobile app for single sign-on to mobile web apps, Okta Mobile Connect seamlessly enables people to securely log in to supported native mobile applications.

Now when a user is authenticated to Okta Mobile, the user can log in to any application with support for Okta Mobile Connect without needing to enter a password. More than one dozen ISVs already fully support Okta Mobile Connect – including Box, Clementine, Concur, Cotap, Domo, Egnyte, Intralinks, Jive, Litmos, Roambi, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, Yammer and Zendesk – to give users secure access to the best possible application experience from any device, anywhere. For more information on Okta Mobile Connect, please visit: https://www.okta.com/product/mobile-identity.html

“We founded Okta to accelerate adoption of cloud applications in the enterprise by making them more accessible and secure. Applications, devices and data have become increasingly complex and fragmented, and identity is the thread that ties them together,” said Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta. “We see a significant opportunity to help secure and manage this mobile-first world in the same way that we have for the cloud – delivering a consistent, user-centric experience across all devices, while giving IT end-to-end control, now from the company directory to the mobile device – with identity remaining the centerpiece of modern businesses.”