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We designed Okta to be easy to deploy, but not all implementations are created equal. You might be starting with 100 users and a single application--or you may be wrangling 5,000 users, multiple domains, and many applications. Whatever the situation, you can be sure we will do everything we can to make sure you achieve success.

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  Basic Package** Silver Package Gold Package Custom Project 1 Day Architecture Design Workshop
Planning Weekly Project Meetings Up to 2 weeks Up to 3 weeks Up to 6 weeks Any 1 week
User Deployment Plan 25-250 users 250-500 users 500-1,000 users Any Any
App Rollout Plan
Domain Deployment Plan Single Domain Single Domain Single Domain Multi Domain Multi Domain
Training Add On ($) Add On ($) 1 seat in Okta Essentials Add On ($) Add On ($)
Deployment User Management Configuration N/A
MFA Setup N/A
Mobile Configuration N/A
Setup and Configure Test Instance N/A
Geographic Rollout 1 geographic rollout 1 geographic rollout 1 geographic rollout Multiple geographic rollouts N/A
App Configuration/Rollout* 1 app Up to 2 apps up to 3 apps Any N/A
*Note: Number of app rollouts is subject to time-based session progress
**Note: Only offered in EMEA and APAC
"No one does this kind of work at this speed and does such a good job at informing their customers. No one."

Nate McBride


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