Request a Demo of Okta Advanced Server Access

Interested in learning how Okta can help accelerate your journey to the cloud operating model? Tell us a bit about your infrastructure environments, and we’ll get one of our dedicated specialists to deliver a personalized demo.

  • Designed for elastic cloud infrastructure - Unified identity and centralized access controls across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment.
  • Eliminates credential management pain - Backed by an ephemeral client certificate architecture that replaces static SSH keys & passwords
  • Automates server admin onboarding at scale - Local server accounts and policies are automatically provisioned and deprovisioned to downstream servers from Okta as the source of truth
  • Delivers a seamless user experience - Designed to work out of the box with your existing SSH & RDP tools, and is easy to configure via API

Okta Advanced Server Access is an identity-centric approach to a common and critical privileged access use case. Our elegant Zero Trust architecture is purpose-built for the modern cloud, and helps customers solve challenging security and operations pain points at scale.

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