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Protect Against Breaches

Oktane19 may be over, but the insights go far beyond it. Here’s your chance to see what you missed.
Learn how security experts tackle today’s most sophisticated threats and compliance needs with identity-driven security tools.

Securing Omni-Channel Experiences: Best Practices from the Real World

Swaroop Sham, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Okta
Shay Logan, Senior Application Development Manager, Rent-A-Center

We are living in a time where customer accounts are subject to breach and personal data is compromised; users are becoming more skeptical of a service’s ability to protect their data. User security has become a deciding factor in the service of choice. Hear about best practices as companies have secured their use accounts while minimizing impact to the end use experience.

Minimize AD Dependency As You Move to the Cloud

Ryan Walker, Sr. Principal Team Leader, Identity & Access Management, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Sai Maddali, Product Manager, Directory Integration, Okta
Marcus Hartwig, Product Marketing, Workforce Identity, Okta
Marissa Henderson, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Okta

As their on-prem AD infrastructure ages, many customers are looking to reduce their AD footprint as they are moving to more and more cloud services. However, there are still some key AD dependancies that are hard to replace. We will identify the most common patterns our customers are facing, and show how Okta can reduce both complexity and footprint, leaving you with a smaller and simpler AD environment.

Lifecycle Management 101

Wendy Busath, Senior Sales Engineer, Okta
Robert Taylor, Vice President - Information Technology, Hendrick Auto
Amy Frost, Directory, of IT Engineering, Hendrick Auto

What is Okta's Lifecycle Management product? What can it do, and how are Okta's customers using it?

How USA TODAY NETWORK Uses Monitoring and Reporting to Enhance Overall Security

David Snyder, Senior Architect/Enterprise Infrastructure, USA TODAY NETWORK
Larry Gillen, Senior Information Security Analyst, USA TODAY NETWORK
Mike Shanahan, Lead Architect, USA TODAY NETWORK
Maggie Adams, Business Development Manager, Okta

With more than 100 local media organizations across the nation and USA TODAY, USA TODAY NETWORK can be a target for bad actors attempting to exploit its iconic brands. Security is never easy with a diverse, global workforce of reporters and other employees operating on a multitude of devices. However, an identity-first security posture, backed by Okta and Sumo Logic, is focused on in-depth monitoring and reporting of detailed metrics around usage and activities and helps USA TODAY NETWORK carefully assess incoming threats and respond accordingly. It’s important to keep bad actors out—but it’s equally important to understand how they’re trying to get in, and USA TODAY NETWORK is leading the way, leveraging its core discipline of careful reporting to help future-proof their security strategy.

Behind the Scenes with MGM Resorts International’s CISO on Their Digital Transformation

Kaushik Narayan, CTO and Co-Founder, Skyhigh Networks
Scott Howitt, CISO, MGM Resorts International

As a leader in their industry, MGM is transforming into a digital business by aggressively adopting the cloud to deliver modern experiences to their customers and to make their employees more engaged and productive. Join Kaushik Narayan, CTO of McAfee’s Cloud Business and Skyhigh Cofounder, and Scott Howitt, SVP and CISO for MGM Resorts International, to hear about MGM’s migration to the cloud and how they’re protecting their enterprise data with an integrated IAM + CASB approach across the spectrum of their evolving infrastructure from on-prem, to the device, to their SaaS, IaaS and PaaS cloud instances.

Roadmap: Okta Security, the Path to Zero Trust

Alex Bovee, Senior Director of Product Management, Okta
Thanh-Ha Nguyen, Senior Associate Product Manager, Okta

Okta Security Roadmap

How Okta Lifecycle Management Can Help with Audit + Compliance

Sam Bryson, Global IT Support Manager, Medallia
Chris Niggel, Director of Security, Compliance, Okta

Improving Security and Compliance with Lifecycle automation

How Industry Leading Brands Secure User Interactions In SaaS Apps

Raul Santos, Lead DevOps Engineer, Peloton
Jim Brennan, Chief Product Officer, BetterCloud
Peter Barnett, IT Systems Administrator, Bird
Karl Cassel, API Integration Engineer, JUUL Labs
Jay Feliciano, SaaS Support and Security, Spotify

Have you thought about what comes after securely connecting users to their applications? Do you have insight or control over your users' activity in SaaS applications, including the files and data they share inside and outside your organization? These apps make collaboration easy and boost productivity, but they also create potential nightmares for Security & IT with the risk of insider threats. Join this panel discussion lead by BetterCloud with speakers from Bird, Peloton, Juul Labs to learn how you can leverage Okta and BetterCloud to deploy a systematic approach to manage and secure user interactions.

The Power of Identity: Delivering End-to-End Identity Access, Governance, and Security

Fiona Cullen, IT Service Manager, Identity & Access Management, Orora Group
Collin Perry, Director SaaS Solutions, SailPoint

Today’s modern enterprise leaves IT professionals wondering how to empower users while securing their application access. To help ensure a secure and compliant environment, organizations are looking to harness the power of an identity platform to better enable users and govern access to all applications and data across their hybrid IT infrastructure. Attend this session and learn how integrating Okta Identity Cloud with SailPoint Identity Governance, will ensure your organization can securely and effectively authenticate, provision, and govern access to all applications and data across the hybrid cloud and on-premises enterprise.

Roadmap: Why Building Customer Identity is Hard (Use Okta Instead)

John Gronberg, Director, Product Management, Okta
Wils Dawson, Sr. Product Manager, Identity Platform, Okta

This is your chance to meet Okta's customer identity product leaders. They'll tell you about the challenges of building an identity platform, and how Okta can help you scale securely with customized identity experiences for your end-users. They'll talk about best practices for today and give you a sneak peek into the future of customer identity at Okta!

Embracing The Kanyes of Our Organization

Aaron Zander, Head of IT, HackerOne
Gen Buckley, Senior Analyst, Security, and Compliance, Okta

Companies who blame employees for poor password and email hygiene aren’t spending enough time, money, or energy driving home security best practices within an organization. We all like to laugh at the "Kanyes” of the world for their poor operational security, instead of aligning our goals to meet theirs. The role of IT and Security teams in the business world is to provide our employees a safe harbor to make as many mistakes as they can. If we think they’re going to use a simple password, we should ensure their devices and tools not only require stronger passwords, but we supply the tools and training on how to make safe, easier to remember passwords. We have to acknowledge the “desire paths” across the security landscape, and ensure that we not only keep up, but facilitate ease of access while maintaining our security perimeter. At the end of the day, there’s no guarantee on the tech savvy nature or level of care an employee will bring to the table, so we need to move the table closer to them. In this Breakout Session Aaron Zander, Head of IT for HackerOne, and Gen Buckley, Senior Analyst for Security and Compliance at Okta, will discuss the various ways to enable a security culture without crippling your coworkers.

Ask the Experts: Deployment Success with Okta Professional Services

Jyotsna Raghunathan, Senior Technical Consultant, Okta
Kam Ahuja, Senior Services Architect, Okta
Dave Fend, Principal Architect, Okta
Chael Banks, Vice President, Professional Services, Okta
Krish Venkatraman, Senior Architect, Okta

Join us for a panel discussion featuring Experts who have multiple Okta implementations under their belt. Learn what factors make a deployment successful and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls our Experts see.

Defending Against Identity Attacks Today and Tomorrow

Neha Anand, Group Product Manager, Okta
Sami Laine, Director, Technology Strategy, Okta

Learn how to leverage Okta’s contextual access management including Adaptive MFA, ThreatInsight, Risk Scoring and Device Trust to defend against identity attacks and to protect access to your most critical applications.

Roadmap: Investing in Secure and Modern End User and Admin Experiences

Beth Wang, Sr. Product Manager, Admin Experience, Okta
Jade Feng, Product Manager, User Experience, Okta

At Okta we believe a well designed user experience results in faster adoption, happier end users, and a more secure environment. We follow a design philosophy to build out features that make your end users and admins successful. Join us to learn about Okta’s approach to modernizing the end user and admin experiences. Hear from the product team about recently released features, and see what’s coming up next for Okta’s end users and admins.

Modernization to Enable Seamless Customer Experiences with Dubai Airports

Michael Ibbison, EVP, Technology and Infrastructure, Dubai Airports
Jiong Liu, Group Product Marketing Manager, Okta

Dubai Airports will share its journey for digitizing their engagement with their customers: employees and a broad partner ecosystem. This session will focus on their strategy of using a single identity solution for all users, how they planned and executed the rollout; and how they balanced user experience with security.

Eliminate Tedious Tasks with Automations

Ankur Datta, Senior Product Manager, Lifecycle Automation and Extensibility, Okta
Nikki Doty, Senior Security Consultant, Optiv

Learn about two big new Okta features - Event Hooks and Automations. What are practical use-cases they solve out of the box? Hint: they help manage the lifecycle of contractors, partners and customers, as well as help you respond immediately to Okta events and more!

A Path to Achieving Network Security ZEN

Eric Anderson, Manager, Enterprise Security, Adobe Inc.
Den Jones, Director of Enterprise Security, Adobe Inc.
Salima Kaissi, Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances + Business Development, Okta

Balancing security requirements with a pleasant user experience is an ongoing challenge. As identity-based threats have multiplied over the years, user authentication has become complex, with second factor authentication like One Time Passwords (OTP), re-authentication multiple times a day, and extremely long a1phanUm&r1C passwords. Frustrated users try to minimize their pain by sharing passwords across multiple work and personal accounts, increasing their vulnerability as an unintended side effect. Is it possible, in these high-risk times, to provide a login experience that’s both highly secure and positive for users? Adobe believes this is possible, and we will share our Zero-Trust framework for achieving this balance through “ZEN.” The ZEN (Zero-Trust Enterprise Network) project from Adobe is an initiative derived from best practices and principles of today’s numerous digital workspaces. With no single off-the-shelf solution to fully deliver on these principles today, ZEN is pioneering technologies and workflows that make the path to a zero-trust network both attainable and efficient.

Customer Spotlight: How We Reached 100,000 MFA Registrations in 100 Days

Andrew Collins, Solution Architect, Monash University
Cameron Duck, Lead Systems Engineer, Monash University
Jade Feng, Product Manager, User Experience, Okta

Monash University's journey with Okta from choosing a solution to today, now one year into their partnership. They'll share the security challenges they faced prior to Okta and the roadblocks they encountered along the way. Plus, the solutions they crafted in order to migrate 200 applications in 34 days and roll out a diverse set of MFA factors to 100,000 users in only 100 days.

Avoid Pitfalls when Connecting HR & IT: A Practitioner's Take

Stephanie Dwight, Senior Manager, IT Business Systems, Okta

Learn how IT leverages their own platform to seamlessly connect HR and IT in order to deliver a great experience to Okta’s employees and contractors and simplify their day-to-day IT and HR operations. Through Okta’s internal journey of implementing HR as a Master, you will learn how to avoid pitfalls and how to ensure you have a successful journey with Okta when enabling HR-as-a-Master. Come join Okta’s Senior Manager of IT Business Systems for a true IT professional to IT Professional discussion.

What’s in a Name? How BMC Software Built an Identity-First Cloud Security Strategy

Tien Dinh, Sr. Manager IAM & App Security, BMC Software
Tony Kelly, Senior SE Manager, Netskope

As data increasingly migrates from on-premises servers to the cloud, an effective identity and access management (IAM) strategy is critical to ensuring the security of that data. In fact, recent Netskope research indicates that IAM is enterprises' top concern for IaaS/PaaS deployments. Join Tien Dinh, Senior Manager, IAM & App Security at BMC Software and Sean Cordero, Head of Cloud Strategy at Netskope for this interactive session where attendees will learn the core components of a cloud IAM strategy, why identity is always the starting-off point in any cloud adoption journey, and how to best integrate your IAM strategy across all of your cloud services to ensure proper data protection in a cloud-first world.