Four Ways to Improve Customer Experience with a Modern Identity Service

Organizations want their dev teams to roll out great new experiences that attract and retain customers while improving their lifetime value. However, today’s end users are trained by the Googles, Amazons, and Facebooks of the world to disengage from experiences that aren’t technologically advanced, frictionless, omnichannel, and relevant.

Between the constant struggle to find enough developer cycles and the challenge of building modern experiences on legacy infrastructure, organizations are struggling to keep up. A simple solution to such a complex problem is to use an identity service to be the connective tissue between apps, devices, channels, and experiences.

An identity service lowers time to market for developing key product attributes that drive customer engagement:

  • Seamless omni-channel experiences
  • Simple, compelling, and self-service on-boarding
  • Seamless and secure experiences
  • Personalized experiences