Advent builds a secure online community using the Okta platform



Greg McClellan: We're a software development company, and we're currently making solutions for investment management in the cloud.

Ken Schaff: Our clients are asset-managers, registered investment advisors, and other financial firms. We use our software to manage their portfolios.

Greg McClellan: What we're doing is taking all these work flows that we have working on for them transitioning into our new cloud product. The business problem we really had to solve was how do we enable a single, sign-on? Not only for our cloud solutions, but also some Legacy On Prem Software. As well as third party components, such as our new community.

Ken Schaff: Advent considered building the identify framework ourselves but we decided that we'd rather focus on value and features that our customers want from us. Our customers expect security right out of the gate, and Okta was able to provide that. We chose Okta because of the expertise that they bring and the reliability and security of their platform. We're able to extend their platform throughout our development life-cycle, and incorporate that into our agile pipeline as well as bringing new features to our customers on their platform much faster than we would have been able to do, otherwise.

Greg McClellan: Okta handles for Advent, our identity management and our single, sign-on functionality. We use the Okta API extensively. We have a completely branded, log-in portal, that looks like Advent, but the actual log-in process is completely driven using the Okta API. We create new users and assign those users to groups and create new applications, via the Okta API and, we also spin up new Org's and set-up federation between Okta Orgs, and assign new apps and programmatically configure apps. I like how the API manages the state transition between logging in and then enrolling in your multiple factors and validating using your multiple factors. A lot of work was put into that and it actually made developing the API really easy and straight-forward. The three, main benefits of developing on the Okta Platform are a clear and concise API that makes it really easy to develop, the steady stream of new features, such as the multi-factor authentication API that I'm really excited abou, and the performance and stability of the Okta platform. 

Ken Schaff: The benefit for using Okta for our customers is that they don't need to worry about the security of their financial information that's in our cloud. We know that it's secure. Okta is a industry leader in this space. We can point to our partnership with Okta as a point of reliability for our clients. 

Advent is a software development company making products for asset management in the cloud. For their users, having their financial information be secure is of the utmost importance. They considered building their own identity management solution to integrate their in-cloud, on premise, and third-party solutions and software. But, they decided to focus on value-add software and bring Okta in instead. Now, they use Okta’s API extensively so that it looks like Advent when you log into their system, with Okta operating behind the scenes. Advent loves the clear and concise API that makes developing easy, the steady stream of new features – like Multi-Factor Authentication – and the stability of the platform.