Flinders University



Aaron Finnis: Flinders is a 52 year old institution based in Adelaide, South Australia. so we have a 27,000 students, about 2,800 staff. Given our diverse user population, we have the goal of trying to make everything as easy to access as possible, so that kind of conflicts with the traditional view of security. And so we have to think of different ways to make access to our services much more seamless to users, so more automated if we can, and also make sure that we're not imposing additional security controls on particularly students to make sure that their experience is the best it can be.

Jan-Marie D.: Identity is key in helping our students become successful. Giving them the services and the applications that they need at the time that they need it is very important. We want to make it as smooth as possible and taking away the barriers that are involved with all of the paperwork and the services and signing up for things and making it really easy and comfortable for them.

Aaron Finnis: I guess one of the biggest challenges we had is we couldn't integrate quickly. We didn't have a single support team for identity. Everything was quite disjointed from a technology perspective. Definitely the alignment of strategy is really what sold us on Okta. And the fact that when we wanted to trial it and test it out and pilot it, it worked exactly as advertised. So Okta is our eyes and ears for all of our users. So it's the single layer that connects all of our users together to their services. So we can see a user login from a particular location or device and we can look across our entire application portfolio. So we've got 80 applications now integrated with Okta.

Jan-Marie D.: So key to our environment at Flinders is working in an agile manner so we can deliver benefits to our customers quickly. Okta is key to that. So we can onboard applications and roll out services to users in a timely manner. We're really excited to make that opportunity for students so they can focus on their futures.

Flinders University, a 52-year-old institution based in South Australia, aims to create a seamless experience for its 27,000 students, 2,800 staff, and 4,000 casual academics. Okta creates a single layer that connects users together with their services, so they can focus on the students' futures.