Automate Onboarding + Offboarding



IT is all about empowering your workforce with access to the right tools for the job. Sometimes your users only need basic apps like email. Sometimes they need job-specific apps. Sometimes they’re contractors or partners who need access to collaborate.

Whatever the case, when a new user is hired, IT needs to create accounts with the proper access. And when a user LEAVES, IT needs to REVOKE that access. This requires close coordination with other departments like HR – which can put a strain on IT.

If users are onboarded or offboarded MANUALLY, human error can lead to access being erroneously granted. If users are not offboarded in a timely fashion, these old accounts could become a vector for attack.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution with Okta’s Lifecycle Management. It AUTOMATES the control of user identities for all your enterprise users from creation to deactivation, across every directory and app. With Single Sign-On, your users get ONE unified authentication experience.

With Single Sign-On, your users get ONE unified authentication experience. And with Universal Directory, all your users, groups, and devices are managed in ONE central location. You can even drive IT processes automatically from HR triggers such as onboarding and offboarding. This also applies to users who are not in your HR app, like contractors and partners.

So forget about manually creating and deactivating accounts. Forget about human error leading to security risks. With automated Lifecycle Management, your IT team will be more cost-efficient and productive than ever. And your staff and partners will have access to the tools they need, WHEN and WHERE they need it. To learn more about Lifecycle Management, visit

This short video shows how IT can improve productivity, security, and reduce costs by automating identity lifecycle.