Okta helps Encore Capital reduce password resets by 20%



Carl Eberling: Encore Capital plays a vital role in the financial services segment, ultimately ensuring that when debts are incurred that they're collected upon and we bring successful recovery to that collectionactivity.

Here in the IT department at Encore Capital, we fundamentally believe that our focus cannot be spent or wasted, if you will, on commodity services. We view our next generation applications really being orchestrated across many of these what I would call composite capabilities that need to be brought together and ultimately orchestrated to meet the needs of the business.

Our needs have certainly evolved with the advent of bring your own device or cloud-based applications to really look at how dowe get the right information at the right time for the right people and how do we do that in the most effective manner possible. As we started to take advantage and start to build more of these composite applications, it became very critical for us to look at how do we start integrating this identity of our end users and how do we ensure that they're really got that one single sign-on that would be pervasive and across these various applications.

I would say some of the early differentiators of Okta for us here at Encore really focused first on just the breadth of applications that were already pre-configured or that there had been experience with out of the box. We found that functionality of that interface to be superior to others that we had looked at and it just really had a more intuitive ease of use kind of capability.

Early on in our evaluation process of Okta, we sat down, did a very deep analysis of how they managed their data center, how they managed the application stack, and how they really test and ensure that they keep this critical component secure. Once we were satisfied in that space, really then and only then did we start to take a deeper look at some of the other capabilities that ultimately would get delivered in the form of a single sign-on solution then to our end users.

Rarely at your global help desk do you actually get calls of satisfaction. Usually these calls that come in are ones of complaints, challenges, issues. With our rollout of Okta, we've actually turned that tide. We've gotten more satisfied calls. I've gotten more high fives in the hallway, and I've actually seen a reduction in password resets of greater than 25% across the board with our applications simply because now folks really are able to leverage true single sign-on. It's not this concept of one sign-on, one password, and that maybe that was common as we had leveraged with our AD infrastructure, but truly a single sign-on and a more seamless experience as they move between their applications.

Encore Capital’s IT team doesn’t believe that their efforts should all be “wasted on commodity services.” Instead, they strive to make next-gen applications for their company, as well as take advantage of today’s critical IT strategies such as BYOD and cloud-based technology. Using Okta’s Single Sign-On solutions, easy-to-use interface and its large roster of pre-configured applications, they have made that process easier and more welcoming for Encore’s employees.