Okta + Evernote Change the Way You Protect Your Notes



John McGeachie:  Evernote is a service that helps you remember everything. And with businesses, we are helping companies be smarter with everything that people are already collecting all the time. So that instead of just sitting in email, or hard drives, or a file server somewhere, that information actually becomes searchable and usable by people across the company.

Melissa Lau:  The problems that Evernote Business solves for today's companies is that it helps you, one, to be able to find information faster. Two, it helps to keep everyone on the same page. And three, do so in a way that is much more streamlined than trying to work across lots of other kinds and document types.

John McGeachie:  The Evernote Okta integration lets our customers really have all of their employee management capabilities in the one place that they're used to managing for. So whether it's active directory or some L-adaptive limitation, they can continue to manage their employee base the way they're used to, and we can focus on making Evernote Business a great experience. Okta helps us marry those two together in a way that IT administrators can now provision and easily deprovision users, so they don't have another service where they have to go and remember to shut people off, say, when they leave the company or change jobs.

Melissa Lau:  We chose to work with Okta as our launch partner primarily because we had heard such great things about Okta. Its reputation in the industry, and being one of the true cloud-based identity providers was something that really drew us to Okta.

John McGeachie:  For us, having Okta as a partner means our sales and support folks can again focus on what Evernote Business us designed to do, and how to get value from that, knowing that Okta is taking care of the important piece of being to provision and de-provision users without people needing to remember to go to five different systems to do all that.

So for us, it really answers a major sales objection to what is it going to take to deploy Evernote Business in this organization.

Evernote helps you remember everything by collecting information across your emails, drives, documents, and more by keeping it all in one area. By streamlining information, Evernote helps keep employees on the same page, but they still needed a better way to integrate their employee management tools. The integration with Okta let Evernote keep all their employee information within the Okta system so that user provisioning and deprovisioning became easier. This means Evernote can focus on what their business is supposed to do, while Okta does identity management in the background.