Okta manages authentication for the FICO analytic cloud, internal teams focus on growing the business



Tony McGivern:  My name is Tony McGivern. I’m the CIO at FICO. FICO is a 60-year-old analytics company. I think everybody's relatively familiar with their FICO score. We control about 92% of credit decisions made in the US. So the journey to the cloud for FICO sort of all started around build around two primary concepts, the FICO analytic, which is our new delivery channel and fundamentally a culture changing paradigm. That culture changing paradigm was built around a combination of Jive, Box and Okta. Jive to enhance or to facilitate the collaboration amongst employee, Box to sort of free up information within the organization, make it accessible and Okta as the principal identity tool that allowed us to bind both properties together and give everybody a single identity.

Before Okta, at FICO, it was all basically active directory. Well we had all the standard problems of active directory. Provisioning is difficult, group policies are hard. It's not a standard. It's difficult to replicate across the organization. It wasn't flexible. We couldn't extend it into the FICO analytic cloud. So we had all of the standard issues around AD.

The change since we've introduced Okta and Jive and Box has been startling and we hit fertile ground. We had a user community that was looking for a way to collaborate. So not only do we provide them single sign-on and ease of use and ease of accessibility that was previously a big thorn in their sides, but we gave them access to a set of tools that enabled them to collaborate with each other and our adoption rates have just been miraculous.

We have a 98% adoption rate of people utilizing the Jive, Box, Okta combination on a daily basis. We love the API, because it allows us to sort of extend our authentication mechanism within the FICO analytic cloud principally and to sort of build that solution without having to consult. Love the fact that it's a cloud service. We love the fact that we don't have to think about scaling. We love the security nature.

What Okta has allowed us to do in handling the sort of provisioning and de-provisioning of users and providing that sort of blanket authentication service is it's freed up a whole lot of resources that has allowed us to stop focusing on internal IT and start focusing on the FICO analytic cloud and solutions that generate revenue for FICO.

Working with Okta has been one of those sort of new-age experiences. think it's one of the classic paradigms of the new age is if you're going to work with cloud based providers then those cloud based providers actually become part of your business. There are certain cloudproviders who understand that, that they are now actually part of your business because they form such a crucial value component of that business. I think Okta is genuinely one of those companies.


For 60 years, FICO has been one of the go-to analytics companies for 90% of credit decisions in the United States. Their ongoing commitment is represented by their drive to use their own cloud solutions to bolster their analytic services. Okta has become their biggest helping hand in making this happen. By having us focus on all their internal identity and access management needs, they get the peace of mind and ability to do what they do best for their clients.