Meet Your Okta Adaptive MFA Expert - Dave Fend



Dave Fend:  Hi I'm Dave Fend, I'm a Senior Services Architect with Okta. I've been in the industry for about two decades now in rolls in engineering, product management, and now professional services. I have had the pleasure of defining, designing and architecting solutions and Multi-Factor Authentication. I have been in identity for almost two decades now and it's been really the passion of my life and it's been really exciting to come to Okta and work in professional services and really kind of marriage up my passion for identity and Okta's commitment to success for the customers and be able to take that and help other customers succeed with some of these really complex identity use cases. 

Recently I recorded a podcast with Joe Diamond around Multi-Factor Authentication and I think you'll find it a very interesting listen. What I think what's exciting to listen to about the Podcast is the some of the real interesting discussions we have around some of the more challenging problems that customers are seeing in the evolving landscape in Multi-Factor Authentication. Different factors, different signals, different challenges that each customer has and the experience that goes along with it. So we're finding that are a lot of exciting factors to be used out there like SMS and voice-calls, security questions, yubikeys. Customers are really struggling with trying to understand when, why to select each factor and why they would be applicable to their use cases. 

At the end of the podcast, we had a really good discussion around machine-learning and signals that are being looked at for Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication and where the whole industry and landscape is going with respect to Artificial Intelligence. Be sure to join Joe and I as we discuss Multi-Factor Authentication by clicking on the link. Listen Here!

Listen to the full podcast as Joe Diamond and Dave Fend discuss security trends and MFA solutions in this changing landscape. Listen Here!