Meet Your Okta Lifecycle Management Expert, Pragya Seth



In today’s climate, many organizations have shifted to a remote workforce. And the ability to access applications in a timely manner while reducing security risk is more important than ever.

As roles change or employees join and leave an organization, getting access to the right applications or removing access is even more crucial to the efficiency and security of an organization. Manual processes and not only time consuming, but open doors to security loopholes and can be very costly. This is where automation is critical to an organization’s success.

My name is Pragya Seth and I’m a Services Architect here at Okta. I have spent almost a decade putting together solutions for customer identity across various industries, but almost the last five of those here at Okta. In a recent podcast, with our product marketing manager, Aaron Yee, I share some of the experiences of it helping customers to secure automated provisioning, using a single platform to manage identity lifecycle and access management.

Many customers I’ve work with struggle with aligning their HR with IT when it comes to managing employee access. And the teams run into many complications working across multiple domains. Our team is able to jump in and help companies streamline their processes by automating access to applications. And deprovisioning access to applications as employees leave.

We’re also able to create a single source of truth for the HR system. So there is no more bottleneck when it comes to updating employee information. And both systems are automatically updated with minimal manual processes.

Additionally, we’re able to do deeper provisioning now, which provides timeliest actions across other applications using scheduled tasks. With this feature, customers can take actions within applications automatically and securely.

I share cases like this and many more in the podcast. So if you’d like to listen, be sure to tune in to Meet Your Okta Lifecycle Management Expert podcast by clicking on this link.

You are listening to the “Meet Your Okta Identity Expert” podcast. A series of podcasts where we bring Okta’s Professional Services experts to share their experiences and knowledge of how they’ve helped customers solve their identity challenges. At Okta Pragya focuses on marketing our Lifecycle Management product. She's one of our subject matter experts who helps our customers address their account provisioning needs.