Okta Advanced Server Access



Cloud adoption changed everything: your operations are more automated than ever, your developers never happier, and the pace of innovation keeps accelerating. But, as the infrastructure landscape changes, the security landscape changes with it - leaving you with more surface area to cover, and less control of the environment.

With all the pressure you’re under to secure your cloud infrastructure without impacting the business, it’s time to realize that traditional access management methods just aren’t cutting it.

Okta can help. Okta is well known for seamless and secure access to applications. We’re now extending that to your infrastructure.

Introducing Okta Advanced Server Access.

The real problem with securing infrastructure lies with static credentials that have no clear ties to identity. So no matter how much you wrap, vault, and rotate those keys, they can still be lost, stolen, or misused.

Born in the cloud and built based on the core principles of Zero Trust, Advanced Server Access is an easier and more secure way to manage access to your Linux and Windows servers over SSH and RDP.

Instead of focusing on “protecting the keys”, we changed the game entirely. Using a client certificate-backed architecture built into our platform, Okta protects your critical infrastructure by minting single use, ephemeral credentials for every login.

Each request is independently authenticated and authorized based on dynamic user and device conditions. This revolutionary smart access decision is matched by the ephemeral credential. The identity-led workflow clearly dictates who can access what server from which device and when.

Each client certificate is tightly scoped and expires after single use, meaning there’s no credential management required. And because it’s backed by core Okta, you get a single source of truth for your machine accounts, end-to-end lifecycle management of local machine accounts, streamlined Single Sign-On workflows, and contextual access controls.

Adherence to your security policies has never been easier and your admin users will love the seamless experience. Security without impacting productivity - the best of both worlds. Trust Okta as your Zero Trust partner. Learn more at https://www.okta.com/products/advanced-server-access/

Extend core Okta Identity & Access to your Linux and Windows servers via SSH & RDP in an elegant manner built for the modern cloud.