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Freddie: What happened to scene one? Keep rolling. Sorry. Sorry to get us off track.

George H: George Huan. I've been at Okta about a year.

Laura B: My name is Laura Bromage, and I'm running training here at Okta. I've been here three months.

James P: My name is James Potts. I work on the customer support team.

Lindsay: My hair look okay? Well, my name is Lindsey Life. I'm public relations manager here at Okta.

Joel: My name is Joel Francich, and I'm the platform dept. I've been with Okta for over one year.

Arpan: My name is Arpan Punyani, so I'm on the business development team.

Jake: My name's Jake Randall, and I work on the business operations team. I've been with Okta almost 4 years. I'm an old timer.

Arpan: Probably the most interesting core value that I think we had at Okta is transparency. Todd and Freddie talk a lot about this, and they don't just talk about it. They live it.

Jake: The one that actually always stuck with me is Todd, our CEO, talked about early on, the notion of empathy.

Todd: When you're working with someone or dealing with someone, what are they thinking? How are they perceiving? What are they bringing into this conversation?

Lindsay: Using integrity every day at Okta, whether it's an interaction from managers, someone they work with, or on customer calls.

James P: I like working for Okta because of the way the people in the environment come together to create a really vibrant culture. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Freddie: I've learned a lot about communication and especially about communication at scale.

Joel: I think that's one of the things that's so satisfying about working here is that there's really difficult problems that people are very driven to fix, and very willing to help you work on it.

Laura B: One is that the company make a great product that I would be proud to get behind. The second thing is the company, do they like their customers? Are they investing money and energy into making them successful? And the third thing is, are the people smart and collaborative and is it a transparent culture? And I have found all those things Okta.

Jake: Everyone feels like they're part of something bigger. And that they get that visibility into what is the real missions and goals of Okta.

Lindsay: Everyone at Okta, no matter what they're working on, whether it's a product, PR, customer support, success, they are being innovative in the ways that they work. I think that's what makes Okta different.

Freddie: I think the team that we have is great. The people that we work with are the smartest people I've ever worked with. And then our customers, our customers are great. We have very good customer relationships.

Jake: Proudest of probably the team that I built. And ultimately for me, what makes work fun is who you get to work with.

James P: The way the teams sit together. There aren't really any walls. Everybody works together to create something better.

Arpan: We do work really hard, but we spend a lot of time together. It also translates to spending time outside of the office together because we know we're building something really amazing here.

Work culture at Okta values transparency. Together, we help each other increase productivity and efficiency.