Okta SCIM Provisioning Developer Program



Tim Gu:  The Okta Application Network is our catalog of over 5,000 cloud applications. For ISV's, joining the Okta Application Network allows them to help the joint customers discover their integration and use it. There are several types of integration available to ISVs, starting out with SAML-based single sign-on, SCIM-based provisioning, mobility types of integrations, as well as increasingly new types. The SCIM standard is a way for different cloud services to set up and configure quick user provisioning and groups.

Process for implementing SCIMs starts out by supporting as an ISV the skim server aside of the protocol and then it's working with Okta through a few configurations in our provisioning program to set up that application in Okta. Provisioning helps ISVs because it's oftentimes one the key requests of enterprise-class customers, where they wanna be able to manage their identities from the central system, like Active Directory or Okta and provision to the ISVs.

The business benefit of supporting provisioning for an ISV is it really helps your app get faster adoption and go wall-to-wall in a company. Provisioning helps Okta customers by letting them centrally manage and automate the onboarding changes and offboarding of users in all their applications. We wanna deliver a great experience to ISVs when they're integrating with Okta by providing a self-service online experience. This goes across having a comprehensive developer.okta website to self-service tools, to build tests and support once the application is actually in the OAN.


The Okta Application Network is the catalog of over 5,000 cloud applications. There are several integration types available across these applications – SAML-based Single Sign On, Mobile Based and SCIM-based provisioning. The SCIM-based applications allow for different cloud services to configure and setup quick user provisioning. This helps Okta customers manage and automate onboarding, changes and offboarding of users in a central location across multiple applications. Okta delivers a great experience to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) when they integrate with Okta.