Okta + VMware Partner to Transform Workspace Experience



Noah Wasmer: At VMware we have an end user computing group that has really been focused on a product called VMware Workspace ONE. What that really is is really trying to help customers embrace new, modern technology around mobility, cloud applications. really bring that down, that enterprise users can get access to the best applications and services on the device that they choose. To really become a platform in this era means that you have to embrace partnerships at every level. Obviously, on the OSTP level, from the IOS, and Android, and Microsoft platforms, but then now it's about the new application sets, the Saleforces, and Workdays, and Taleos, and all that information. Then instrumental to this was could we look at the key leaders in the spaces, like Identity with Okta, where they're really a market leader in helping our customers do this federated single sign-on, and how could we make that part of our core platform to really bring that value that customers have driven out of Okta and really help extend that into Workspace ONE?

Noah Wasmer: One of the most interesting questions that a customer raised with me was, "Am I compliant? Are my devices compliant? Is my institution secure and safe?" One of the things that you think about, both Workspace ONE and Okta, we both really think about trust, whether it be device trust or user trust. This is where we really wanted to lever leverage our engines together, think through what do we know about the device? What do we know about the applications available to the user? Is there anything that looks like an abnormality? And then take that power of with what Okta does on device and user trust, and bring those two systems together. It really creates what we think is the best in class way to really ensure that we're protecting corporate data, that we're really analyzing all of the different systems, and bringing together a correlation that is unlike any other.

Noah Wasmer: We're both incredibly passionate about our spaces. Right? We love this new idea of services in the cloud and how are we helping our customers really move away from this traditional shift of management to this new, what we call programmatic IT? They love API, love to automate different features and functions and how to really streamline processes. We saw that same thing between our product management teams, looking at the ability of the Workspace ONE policy engine to really leverage the Okta engine, to really bring those two things together to really make it seamless and actually provide more insights and more value to the customer, that we could we could provide the deepest, best security, while again providing the seamless user experience for the user.

Noah Wasmer: The partnership between VMware and Okta is just beginning. We think we're just barely scratching the surface of what's possible. Both teams are investing heavily in solutions like intelligence and analytics, and we think bringing these two systems together is gonna achieve significant results for our customers, for our employees really trying to use these next gen services and devices, and we really can't wait to show you what's next.

The partnership between Okta and VMware is transforming the workspace experience because they are leveraging on modern cloud solutions.