See How Okta Training Helped Kelsey Grow



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My name's Kelsey Van Haaster. I look after the ThoughtWorks identity team which is globally distributed remote first team. Then we deliver the identity product to about five and a half thousand field workers spread across the globe. And we do that most using Okta.

Availability of on demand training is really, really important. Particularly the community though. I get quite involved in the user community. If you posed a question, for example, you'll get a half a dozen answers. Really good answers the next day. Or good information about how other people have solved a particular problem. As well as, of course, the relationship with the organization and Okta customer success team have been absolutely brilliant.

We've been working for quite some time to simplify the architecture of our environment to remove a reliance on older technology, active directory. So, having training to understand how the Okta product works and how particularly the Okta integration with that product works, has basically enabled us to really streamline and simplify our internal architecture and our provisioning process.

As someone who has certification and who has done training, it's really incumbent on you to stay up to day. As a product owner, a key goal for me is to drive demand of my product. And my product is identity. So, staying up to date with things as they're released is really important. Because it means that we can spot things very early that will solve the problem. Or importantly we can see something that will drive some value demand. Some value ad. And get those out to customers as quickly as possible.

Number one, confidence that comes from understanding how it works. It helps enormously. We might spot a problem that people are having or a consistent issue and we'll get to a solution much more quickly. The training was a really important launching pad for a lot of other things.

Kelsey Van Haaster is an IT administrator for Thoughtworks, see how Okta training inspired immediate confidence in her workplace. See the ThoughtWorks customer journey here.