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ServiceNow Partner Testimonial Video

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Alex Yupanqui:  ServiceNow is an enterprise IT cloud company and what we do is specialize in transforming businesses to automate as many processes as possible. We build a platform to allow you to automate things like onboarding, things like password reset, things like instant problem and change processes, but we've also spanned out and help people to be able to manage their HR processes or their project processes. The main significant advantage that we have is that we do this all from a single system of record. There's only one cloud platform. You go into ServiceNow, you make all therequest to the same interface, the same work flow engine, the same notification engine, it's all in one place.

The opportunity that Okta Customers have with ServiceNow is that they get to have an interface to allow them to automate the processes that Okta already does very well, such as handling request for applications. Request for a new person coming on board. Request for a person that's leaving. Okta's great at handling all the account level information to make sure that people securely log in, but handling the request, the approval, the work flow, ServiceNow is amazing at doing that and being able to notify people about that. By consolidating to that one work flow engine to orchestrate things within Okta and get all those responses back and get the information for the reports you need about usage information and about how users are interfacing with Okta, all that level of information can live within ServiceNow.

We use Okta internally everyday to give us access to our applications. Our internal applications, our external applications, basically anything that we need to get work done in our environment, we go through Okta to be able to do that. The advantage that we've seen because it's a cloud based company, we're able to do it from anywhere in the world that we need to do it. We're on mobile phones from our browsers. We're able to access all this applications pretty much with one click and it's really facilitated the way that we govern all those applications in terms of who has access, who needs access and who should have access.

What's unique about the partnership between ServiceNow and Okta is that we're two industry leading cloud based companies working together to automate processes within different businesses. We're using best in class technology to integrate our products together, to make a turnkey solution that allows people to easily govern their entire identify management through these solutions.

Being an enterprise IT cloud company, ServiceNow is dedicated to automating as many of their clients’ processes as possible – from user authentication, to daily HR operations. They know the importance of using secure Identity & Access Management and Single Sign-On, both internally and for their clients. Through collaborating with Okta’s services, we ensure that they keep delivering on that promise.