Strengthen Controls for Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data with Okta and CyberArk



Speaker 1: Unauthorized access is the leading cause of breaches today, whether it comes from external threats or insider activity. External attacks often take the form of credential fishing, with recent data showing that 81% of breaches involve stolen or weak credentials. Meanwhile, insider activity represents a significant risk to the organization, due to either malicious or accidental misuse of data. According to analysts, nearly one quarter of known breaches are the result of insider activity.

Speaker 1: That's why we're excited to announce the partnership of CyberArk, the global leader in privileged-access security, with Okta, the leader in identity and access management. The certified integrated solution enables customers to monitor, manage, and enforce robust authentication processes to protect against potential threats in ways never before possible.

Speaker 1: Once deployed, access to the CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is protected by Okta's multifactor authentication solution, ensuring strong authentication of privileged users before accessing their accounts. By implementing Okta's single sign-on with CyberArk, customers can experience centralized, secure, privileged access to their most sensitive resources. Meanwhile, CyberArk locks down all privileged credentials, isolates and controls sessions, continuously monitors all privileged-access related activity, and much, much more.

Speaker 1: How does the joint solution mitigate risk of unauthorized access? Eliminate identity sprawl, reduce password management risk with secure access controls via single sign on, prevent privileged account abuse, centrally secure and control access based on administratively-defined security policies, enable strong authentication, secure unauthorized access, both internal and external with adaptive authentication for all applications, systems, and devices.

Speaker 1: See why some of the world's leading businesses are turning to CyberArk and Okta to secure their most critical resources. Visit us online or contact your local CyberArk or Okta representative today.

Did you know credential compromise and insider activity are among the leading causes of data breaches? Check out a short video showing how Okta and CyberArk offer secure access management to protect one of the most highly-targeted assets – user credentials, especially for privileged accounts.