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20th Century Fox: Connecting thousands of employees and hundreds of partners

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John Herbert:  It's an exciting time to be an IT. When you think about what digital is doing, and the role that IT can play in really helping empower the enterprise it means we're partnering along with the business and making sure our customers get the content they need, when they need it. It's changing how we support not only our employees but also, our distribution partners as well as our customers. One of the things we really wanted to do is decide what is priority for us and for us it's all about content. Ultimately that is not only supporting internally our content needs, but really also this extended enterprise. So when you think about a studio set up you have as many people your partnering with externally as you are internally and that was really important as we move into this new digital enterprise.

One of the opportunities we had was really trying to figure out how we go after handling this scale. It's a significant decision when you start deciding how you're going to be able to handle this aspect of our cloud strategy. For us, we were really looking for a leader in this space. We were looking for someone we could partner with, they can handle that skill and that flexibility and that's where we thought it was a great fit with Okta. It was just a natural selection for us.

Bill Walker:  Provisioning cloud applications before was an interesting two step with us and the cloud provider in terms of how they needed to be setup and that process could take days and weeks sometimes to do. I think once we brought Okta in and realized the power of the platform we could literally go in very much like an app store and just pick the application and deploy it in less than 20 minutes and have people authenticating. So we were bringing in a lot of these foundational cloud technologies like Fox and Office 365.

Initially we started with 5,000 users. Quickly though we scaled to 15,000 very easily with Okta to be able to deploy it to the entire company to provide a seamless experience.

John Herbert:  We also have to keep in mind the complexity of having so many cloud options. I think one of the things Okta has been very key at is pulling that foundation together and making that seamless experience for our users. The exciting part about where we're at with an industry and really what it means to IT is how we can empower the business. We're no longer that organization that's always behind and can't keep up with the business, we're having a hard time delivering. When you're able to embrace the cloud and you're able to embrace the innovation that's going on it really changes the paradigm of what your role is in the organization. So, for us, as we shift it from that traditional IT to media IT it's really been empowering to my entire organization. They're now playing a very critical role on actually getting content to customers.

As one of the biggest film studios in the world, 20th Century Fox wants the best methods for accessing and distributing all their content in the digital era. With Okta’s cloud solutions and API, Fox is able to create seamless identity and application management experiences for users to do just that, whether employees, partners, or customers.