Xactly IT solves big problems by automating small tasks.



Robert Genchi: Xactly is a market leader in variable compensation. Specifically, our bread and butter in sales comp. The 3 main things I manage as the director of IT are business applications, and think of business applications as the funnel from quote to cash, our infrastructure, which is our network and our servers, it also includes our desktops and lastly is IT security, so everything that secures all of our assets behind our firewall and also in the cloud. Whenever we look at solving aproblem I look to solve it by automating something that somebody's doing manually, or something that just causes people a lot of problems, a lot of nightmares, headaches, writing things down in places. I really try to automate where possible and I get the team rallied around that concept.

I knew we needed a solution that, which is Okta, from the first moment I sat in my chair. Before Okta I didn't sleep very well when it came to the identity problem. I really didn't. I have a lot of password reset tickets. I've got a lot of people complaining about not remembering URLs. I've got, when its time for audit, I feel very uncomfortable on weather I was going to pass that audit or not. It was just a lot of pain, and headache, and heartache, and soul ache before Okta was part of our portfolio. There are 3 reasons why I chose Okta: AD integration, single sign-on, and ultimately identity management. We connect to as many applications as we humanly can. I really push my end users not only to use business applications but also other things.

I got a big pat on the back, huge, because we added the Jimmy John's button. I know sounds funny but Denver loves the Jimmy John's button and I couldn't be happier. People high fiving you for something that small. It goes a long way. It’s the reciprocity of building relationships with my customers. The biggest value that we're seeing out of Okta is a really hard question to answer because everything's a big value to me. Easily way less tickets for password resets. That's just great. Operationally, because I have to wear my run the help desk hat every day, not having those tickets is great. When I put my security hat on I feel so much better about people having access when they need to and having that access removed when they need to. That makes me feel great.

Also, when I put on my IT architecture hat, I actually get to build an identity architecture with an application that can support it. That's great. Okta plays a huge role for us and our plans for growth. Respective to the fact the we have a very important job when it comes to our identity and managing identities at Xactly. I know single sign-on is the bread and butter but really solving the identity problem is what's going to help us scale as a company. Okta going to play abig role in that.

Much of Xactly’s business is based on using as much technology as they can, from their desktop infrastructure all way to securing their cloud applications. So their director of IT had one important mantra to follow: automate wherever possible. With a history of headaches dealing with password resets and complicated URLs, it was a mandate that many would sympathize with. Fortunately, Okta’s Active Directory Integration, Single Sign-On, and Identity Management solutions were there to give Xactly’s IT team a much needed boost.