Zscaler Partner Testimonial Video



Punit Minocha:  Zscaler's the largest direct to Cloud network company. And what does that really mean?

Well, if you look at the macro trends around us, around Cloud applications, social networks and mobile devices, more and more of us are spending time outside our traditional corporate headquarters. The parameters around us are disappearing. As a result, the traditional security models of securing end users using Hub and Spoke appliances does not hold.

We need a new architecture to secure these end users and that's what Zscaler does.

Kapil Raina:  We'll hear from a lot of our CXOs, CTOs, CIOs, CISOs is that they want the same capability or busy control they get from Zscaler, but they want to extend that to the actual cloud applications. Since we have a platform that we touch all sorts of devices and users around the world and we are a connective glue, if you will or a platform to the cloud applications, Okta fits in very nicely.

We provide the visibility and control and management, Okta provides communication capability. But having the two integrated "out of the box" it enables these CTOs, CIOs, and CSOs the ability to quickly deploy applications around the world.

Zscaler and Okta are both leaders in their respective areas of security. Zscaler in terms of being able to provide direct to Cloud network services with visibility control and Okta around the authentication and single sign-on capability. Together it provides enterprises around the world the ability to seamlessly roll out end user authentication. That provides security in terms of being able to add access to different applications very easily, but also revoke access as well.

Second, it provides auditing trails for what applications were provided, what applications were revoked and it makes it much easier to do it with this model than to try to get everything manually.

Zscaler knows more people than ever are working off-site, and as perimeters disappear, so do traditional security models. This is why they are the largest direct-to-cloud network company, so that companies who have end-users located around the world can access the necessary applications. It was natural for Zscaler to partner with Okta because they provide secure authentication capabilities which are necessary when deploying apps from the cloud worldwide. Zscaler and Okta are leaders in different areas of security, and together they provide seamless user authentication.