Onward: Telling the Okta Story

Okta’s brand is the sum of all the experiences and interactions that our customers, partners and the public have every day with Okta. It’s how a customer feels after she gets off the phone with a customer success manager or what a potential partner remembers about the team after a meeting. It’s what both our closest friends and our biggest competitors say about us behind closed doors.


Since the early days, our team has placed an incredible focus on customer success and innovation. As Okta has evolved to become the foundational technology for thousands of organizations around the globe, and Okta’s product offerings have grown in number and power, we wanted to make sure that our story, and our product line remains simple, memorable and meaningful to the people who see and hear it every day.

Today at Oktane 2015, we’re pleased to unveil a new look and feel, which includes an updated logo, a refreshed website and a new design element: the Okta “Aura,” derived from the “o” in the Okta logo. It’s a perfect circle and signals our commitment to being always on, and connecting everything.

You’ll notice that it’s not an overhaul — instead, we tightened our story down to its essence, with consistent language and a matching visual design. The update is a reflection of six years of a culture built to last, to make a deep impact on our industry, and one that our team can be proud of.

Our Mission Okta’s mission is to improve the connections between people and tools to make companies more productive and secure.

Our Vision Our vision is to be the platform that enables any company to use any technology.

And ultimately, What is Okta? Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology.

Okta. Connect Everything.

We hope that employees, customers and partners recognize themselves in our new look and updated messaging — after all, Okta is what you’ve made it.