Okta and Citrix Integration: Complete Access to Citrix, Cloud, and On-prem Apps

The shift to the cloud continues to accelerate. Enterprises of every size are adopting best-of-breed cloud apps at a faster rate than ever as they see this strategy accelerate their growth, minimize their costs, and streamline their processes. We built the Okta Identity Cloud to connect these organizations to thousands of pre-integrated applications and millions of devices to evolve as your business does.

We recognize many organizations are tied to additional on-premises applications and want to manage authorization and access to these resources just as easily as they can their cloud apps. Okta’s capabilities for on-prem applications continue to grow, and include robust integration to VPNs via SAML and RADIUS for network access, as well as integration for SSO. Okta can integrate to on-prem apps via federation standards, RADIUS or our own Secure Web Authentication capability. Most recently, Okta has partnered and developed deep integrations with leading network gateways to simplify network access behind the firewall for Okta users and integrate apps that use other protocols such as Kerberos or Header-based authentication.

Today, we are excited to announce that Okta’s solution has been verified as Citrix Ready with Citrix NetScaler Gateway to provide Single Sign On (SSO) capability using SAML, oAuth and RADIUS protocols to XenApp and XenDesktop Sites as well as any enterprise web application.

With Okta, users need to authenticate just once, to be able to manage and access all their applications, whether behind the firewall or in the cloud, through a single, customizable user portal. In addition, Okta can also be used to provide Single sign on to applications hosted through NetScaler Gateway. End users stay connected and productive, on any device, wherever they are, while companies stay secure by enforcing centrally managed authentication and authorization policies.

By using Okta as a user directory, organizations can expose cloud apps and on-prem apps like Sharepoint Server to outside partners and contractors without the need to add these outside users to internal Active Directory or LDAP server.

At the same time, with more users given access to additional resources, companies often require multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access these resources. Okta can be configured with NetScaler Gateway to provide MFA through its RADIUS agent with soft token sent through a mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows Phone), hard tokens like Yubikey, SMS, or voice as factors.

Together, Okta and NetScaler Gateway can give even more control back to organizations that want to maintain their hybrid environment through a single pane of glass, while enabling both internal and external users.

If you’d like to learn more about how Okta and Citrix can help your organization, please visit our Integration Guide, website, or contact one of our experts directly.