Oktane17: Women in Tech Panel + Breakfast Returns

At Okta, celebrating identity and diversity is at the core of everything we do. We constantly strive to create an inclusive community—a space where everyone is free to express their individuality and ideas. And it's in this spirit of collaboration that we're bringing back our Women In Tech panel and breakfast at Oktane17.

OKTANE16 083016 012 Last year, I had the privilege of hosting a panel of industry leaders that included Michelle Wilson (former Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Amazon.com and member of Okta Board of Directors), Elena Seiple (Executive Director of IT Security Operations and Engineering at MGM Resorts International), Christine Sullivan (City Year’s Vice President of IT), and Jay Shankar (Head of Global Customer Support at Adobe). We were given a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear these professional powerhouses share personal anecdotes and engage in candid conversations about leadership, confidence, accountability, and taking initiative.

The Women in Tech panel stood out as a highlight of last year's conference, and we can't wait to welcome a new set of trailblazers to this year's event. We’ll be joined by:

Attendees will hear firsthand how these five tech titans built their extraordinary careers: the skills they required, the challenges they faced, and pivotal moments along the way. The panelists will offer advice to women entering leadership positions for the first time and insight into the qualities they look for in their rising star employees. They will also provide unique perspectives on some important issues facing the tech industry today, including questions we all have around diversity.

We hope that this panel gives attendees a chance to hear from some of the most respected in the field, helping to empower a new generation of tech leaders. I hope you can join us on Tuesday, August 29 from 7:30-8:30am. Ensure you arrive early to secure a seat, as last year’s event hit full capacity.

If you haven’t signed up to attend Oktane17, you still have time—register now!