Identity, Inclusivity, and Diversity

Nothing is more important than identity. It’s who you are as an individual and who we are as a company. At Okta, we’re proud to protect your right to be you.

Every identity and every person is unique. They say great minds think alike, but we beg to differ. Great minds are great because they think differently, and they’re capable of incredible things when they come together to share ideas. And though our individual identities set us apart, they also bring us together and collectively make us stronger.

Our product connects and protects your individual identity and your company’s identity, and we want to bring them together to cultivate a culture of belonging. Within our employee population, our partner ecosystem, and our broad set of customers, we celebrate every voice that makes up our community, and we encourage you to as well.

Watch the video below to see the faces and hear the voices that make Okta unique, and check out our diversity page to read more about diversity at Okta.