Partnering with SailPoint: Even Better Together

Okta is the leader in securely connecting users to data and applications – and today we work with 3,950+ organizations as the connective tissue between their people and technology. We’ve also seen that for many enterprises, a separate series of tools are required to monitor and track that access, particularly for governance or compliance reasons. That’s why today, I’m pleased to announce that Okta is partnering with SailPoint to deliver end-to-end identity access and governance for our joint customers.

Together, Okta and SailPoint provide organizations with an even stronger solution that securely authenticates, provisions and governs access to all applications and data across the enterprise. Thanks to this strategic partnership, companies can maintain a high level of user productivity, without compromising security.

Why did we choose to partner with SailPoint? It’s simple: we complement each other. Okta’s strength in securely connecting and managing people and technology, combined with SailPoint’s management of governance and compliance, will provide a seamless experience for customers across industries.

Through this joint solution, we’ll enable customers to address key market challenges. Namely, the struggle to both reduce costs and increase productivity through automation of IT processes, while maintaining security and the management of critical data.

The benefits of this partnership also extend to our joint partner ecosystem, from the overlapping technology to our network of Channel and Global Systems Integrator (GSI) partners. Our combined ecosystem can design and deliver an integrated solution which leverages the strengths of both platforms, while making it easier and more cost-effective for organizations to benefit regardless of their size or location.

This partnership is proof that when two major identity players join forces, our customers are the ones who will win.

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