Introducing the Okta Product Roadmap & Feature Manager

Building on our recent success of the new Trust Dashboard, Okta continues to expand transparency to customers with the release of the Okta Product Roadmap, now Generally Available to all. We received feedback from customers and non-customers alike, that it was difficult to keep track of our near-term roadmap to help them anticipate forthcoming feature and product releases. At Oktane17, we announced the Roadmap as well as our new Feature Manager in Beta and have been adding new exciting features and functionality to each based on your feedback.

Your Self-Service Source for Roadmap Information The Roadmap was designed to be a self-service tool to communicate product features to be delivered across an approximately six-month timeframe. Long term roadmap information can still be received at events like Oktane18, coming up next week.

One can view product roadmap items across three category tabs, In Progress (features currently In Development or Beta), Planned (features planned but not yet started) and Released (features released to Early Access, Preview or General Availability in the last rolling month). One can filter by product to also further see a per-product view. Features available for open Beta or in Early Access are also highlighted below.

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Real-Time Transparency Most recently, we’ve expanded our roadmap beyond a monthly update cycle to real-time changes. You now see what our product managers, engineers and other Okta staff see when it’s changed the moment it changes. We’ve also added the date the roadmap item was added and last updated. Some roadmap items will include links back to the original idea, a blog post or even help articles.

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While we do strive for transparency, not everything will be listed on the Roadmap, and are not indicative of commitments or guarantees of a particular feature’s release. Please see our Forward Looking Statement and FAQs for more information. Separately, the Roadmap does not replace release notes, but is meant to augment it.

Try Roadmap Features in Beta and Early Access Another major improvement we added to the product roadmap was the ability to sign up for product Betas as well as enable features that are in Early Access, if your organization is entitled to them. You can now click “Sign Up for the Beta” where a roadmap item indicates it is available for Beta signup to apply for an open Beta. Moreover, if the feature is available in “Early Access (Self-Service)” you can directly link to your Okta organization to turn on the feature if you are entitled to it and have an active session in Okta Admin. (Note: you must be an active Okta customer, Super Administrator and sign into the Okta Help Center in order to take advantage of these features.)

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Clicking ‘Enable this Feature’ takes you to the Feature Manager in Okta Admin for your organization. Enabling the feature is easy. Simply click ‘Edit’, select the feature you want, and click ‘Save’ to turn on the feature in Early Access.

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If you want to come back to your features later, simply navigate to Settings > Features in Okta Admin.

“Roadmap” for the Roadmap We have an exciting roadmap ahead for the Okta Product Roadmap and Feature Manager, all designed around you. We are busily working on capabilities to opt-in to receiving all Early Access features automatically as they become available for your organization. We’re also working on subscriptions and notifications so you can track product roadmap items that are relevant to you and your organization and more broadly integrating that into Okta Admin. Join us at Oktane18 on Thursday, May 24th at 12:00pm for the “All things Admin” session for the full Admin Experience and Help Center roadmap.